Renovating your kitchen can be overwhelming, below is a list of questions and answers that could ease the process


I am renovating my kitchen and I need kitchen appliances.

We always recommend for the client to choose their appliances before committing to any kitchen design or layout. Pass by our showroom and our sales team would help you choose the appliances that fit your needs.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer a free delivery service Monday through Saturday across Lebanon, provided by our own delivery and installation team.  

Will you install the product?

We perform free installation for washing machines, dryers, and fridges, connecting the appliance to the available power supply or plumbing. 

We can also uninstall your old appliance, install it at another location upon request, and even repair it if necessary.   

The installation of appliances such as cooktops and ovens that require any modifications to existing cabinetry or joinery will need to be scheduled ahead of time. 

How do I learn more about using the appliances?

Our in-house chef hosts cooking demonstrations at our showroom in Jdeideh, teaching prospective clients the benefits of our state-of-the-art appliances, while previous clients can learn how to make better use of them. 

How long does delivery take?

If the item is in stock in our warehouse, we can provide next-day delivery. If the item is not in our stock we can guarantee a maximum 3 month delivery. 

Do you have spare parts?

We sell the spare parts of all the appliances on offer, and maintain the stock of spare parts for all appliances up to 15 years of after the customer purchase. 

Who should I talk to if something goes wrong with my appliance?

If the appliance that you bought from us needs servicing – either in or out of warranty – you can call our customer support team. We can respond to appliance servicing requests within 24 hours. If the appliances need more than three days to service, we will loan you a functioning one. 

Kitchen Cabinets

What do I need to start the process of designing the kitchen?

We are here to help and make the experience as smooth as possible. You  can start by taking measurements of space that needs renovating. Then, our talented architects will help you design your kitchen step by step, depending on your design taste and lifestyle. 

Do you design complete kitchens?

Yes, we take care of the complete kitchen design and implementation – this is what makes Kitchen Avenue special – we design and install kitchens and provide all the accessories, from sinks and faucets to appliances and countertops.  

Can I customize the cabinets?

Yes you can fully customize every cabinet in terms size and material. 

Do you work on an already installed kitchen?

We do not modify or adjust already installed cabinets but could add kitchen cabinets to an already installed kitchen. 

Do you provide the electrical layout?

Yes we do provide a complete MEP Layout once booking confirmation has been made. 

Do you take the measurment of the kitchen?

Once booking confirmation is made our team visits the site and takes a final precise measurements before producing the kitchen.

What are the materials that are used in the kitchen?

We provide a variety of finishes from traditional laminates, varnishes and lacquers to special new innovative veneers, solid wood, new kinds of lacquer, steel, porcelain along with display cabinet doors with many combinations of glass/frames. 

Where do the kitchens come from?

Our supplier, Doca, designs and manufactures kitchen furniture and wardrobes in Vinaros Spain. 


What are the payment methods

We accept in-store and online payments without added surcharge on  Mastercard, and VISA, as well as cash, checks, and bank transfers. 

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