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Stella Kitchen was founded in 2015 in Lebanon, working its way to become the premier local kitchen design brand in Lebanon. Known for their commitment to excellence, timeless aesthetics, and innovative solutions.

Between designing, manufacturing, and installing, they understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home and strive to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and welcoming.

Embracing innovation to bring the latest advancements in kitchen design and technology, Stella Kitchen’s mission is to transform kitchens in lebanon into more than just spaces; they aim to craft culinary sanctuaries that inspire creativity, celebrate tradition, and bring people together.


For a space that is bold and individualized, the contemporary kitchens combine textures and materials in an exciting and unexpected way. A perfect example of urban living.

An epitome of style and functionality. They feature sleek lines and minimal ornamentation and often incorporate high-end materials like quartz and stainless steel

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Less is more. A serene and uncluttered space that invites calm and focus. The minimalistic kitchen designs include clean lines, unassuming textures, and neutral color palettes.

The romanticism of fine craftsmanship and traditional design, combined with the accuracy of cutting-edge kitchen technology. These opulent, inviting kitchens will never go out of style.

  • Explore our materials

    Stella Kitchens provides a variety of finishes from traditional laminates, varnishes, and lacquers to special new innovative veneers, solid wood, new kinds of lacquer, steel, and porcelain along with display cabinet doors with many combinations of glass/frames. Made to inspire with extensive care and effort given to the finishes, the materials used to manufacture Stella kitchens are many, the blend of these diverse materials creates a space that is balanced and precise, a place that makes even the most discerning client swoon. Take a look at our different kitchen materials here.
  • new resized frozen walnut


  • resized DARK GREY


  • updated capital starlit high pressure laminate


  • updated nebbia glass laminates


  • resize Grafite acrylic laminate


Stella Local Kitchens in lebanon- kitchen accessoriesAccessories

Storage mechanisms help you maximize storage in hard-to-reach areas. Kitchen accessories further elevate functionality, offering versatile solutions that complement storage mechanisms, optimizing every nook and cranny of your minimal kitchen.

kitchens in lebanonOrganizers

Linear kitchens with many drawers are increasingly creating continuous lines throughout the kitchen. Stella have various storage space organizers with excellent functionality.

cutlery for kitchens in lebanonCutlery

Kitchens must be visually appealing from the inside out. Customers can match the cutlery trays and front cabinets colors and materials with Stella for local kitchens.

Stella Blog

Browse through our architect events featuring Stella kitchens in Lebanon.

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