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It started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, with an innovative young man’ s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to make her life easier. Today, more than 60 years later, ASKO is a Swedish brand that is inspired by all the typical Scandinavian values such as functional, minimalistic design, high quality and environmental responsibility.

Kitchen Appliances

With our range of ASKO dishwashers we give you value for money in every detail. With sturdy flexible racks and among the lowest water and energy consumption on the market, they will meet all your demands when choosing a dishwasher. ASKO tests its products before leaving the factory and also perform 12,500 hours of long life tests on built-in dishwashers, equal to approximately 20 years of use.

The ASKO Microwave is a powerful appliance that exudes good taste and versatility, providing a cooking experience that is second to none. It offers four different cooking methods: microwave, fan-forced convection cooking, grilling and combined traditional oven cooking with the aid of microwaves. With our combined microwave oven, you have all the flexibility of combination cooking.

The Nordic Fresh refrigeration range are made for uncompromising kitchens where form and function are equally important. To understand how our new Nordic Fresh fridges and freezers work, we must first learn from nature. The same way different plants need different environments to grow strong, we have mimicked nature to create microclimates within a single fridge, offering the best possible storage conditions for different types of food.

Open kitchens are very popular, but they need powerful and ­quiet cooker hoods. ASKO offers slide-out, concealed, island and wall-mounted ­cooker hoods that suit any contemporary kitchen. Your new cooker hood from ASKO will surely be a centrepiece in your brand-new kitchen whether you choose to highlight or stylishly integrate it.

From early morning breakfast to late night snacks, the hob is in constant use, so you want a design that caters to your needs and lifestyle. ASKO gives you a choice of three different types of hobs: Induction hobs, Toptronic hobs, and gas hobs. All our hobs are designed to integrate seamlessly with our full range of kitchen appliances.

With a unique interaction and control philosophy, you got all the possibilities to get your coffee done in exactly the way you want it. The interface consists of over 50 different customizable beverages, programs, options and settings. With the ASKO coffee machine, we have transformed the barista’s expertise into techniques and algorithms, all designed to brew the perfect coffee for you.

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