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Founded over 95 years ago, BLANCO is the premium brand for the well-thought-out kitchen water place in private homes. At its core, the BLANCO UNIT is based on three founding pillars: Drink.Prep.Clean. and it is characterised by a wide array of seamless combinations of kitchen sinks, high-end mixer taps, water optimisation, filtration, cooling and complementary accessories – from the soap dispenser down to the food waste disposer. This range of functions as well as the design, color and material options make it easy for every kitchen lover to find the perfectly customized UNIT of Kitchen sinks and taps at BLANCO Lebanon.


Discover the ideal bowl, the perfect sink, easy-to-install inset sinks or popular granite sinks made of Silgranit, not to mention matching single-lever mixers and two-handle mixer taps.

You’ll find kitchen mixer taps that make the perfect match for bowls at BLANCO, Germany’s largest sink manufacturer. A huge selection of top-quality kitchen mixer taps, often in an award-winning design – find the ideal tap for your kitchen.

The sink base cabninet plays a major role in the kitchen planning. It is the place where waste is collected,cleaning products are stored. Blanco Lebanon offers the right system for almost all kitchen cabinets width.

Harness the whole potential of your sink with the right sink accessories. This collection of sink accessories can help you get that perfect and complete kitchen look.

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