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Shaping our design

Having the will to create outstanding products for 40 years and being convinced that the creation of a kitchen hood must begin with its function, with design contributing to exceptional, faultless performance; FIM hoods has been making high-end kitchen hoods and furnishings since 1985.

The combination of design and technology gives these models the gift of invisibility. As integrated into the working top, they leave much space around the cooking zone. The downdraft hoods can suck the vapors directly from the cooking hob, making the aspiration good performing and suitable for big kitchens.

Island hoods are said to be the main character as the highest design element for the best design kitchens. With the possibility of being freely installed above the cooking hob and taking the fumes produced directly. Made of several elements such as Stainless steel, glass, bars, and panels and features the King Element of aspiration in kitchen architecture.

The built-in hoods are ever-green products with their popular and little-space advantage (as mounted inside the upper cabinet of the cooking area). Having screens that can open only when necessary, these hoods help to have better captivation of the fumes, needing just a touch to move the door/screen and start or end the aspiration of the hood.

The classical appliances are made by a horizontal or inclined part placed on top of the cooking hob. Wall hoods are the design-perfect solution when the kitchen seeks less space. The wall hood can captivate the fumes in an easy way to convey them inside a design part where the motor and tubes to take the air out is hidden.

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