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The Twelve Parquet

Twelve carefully selected parquet floors that focus on what matters: originating from 100% sustainable European forests, a 3-mm easy-maintenance top layer, and ideal for underfloor heating. Meet The Twelve.

Looking for an oak parquet floor, but can no longer see the forest for the trees? With The Twelve collection, choosing the perfect floor is a piece of cake. Apart from color and number of tones, every parquet floor shares the same characteristics: quality, comfort, and sustainability.

Explore Our Twelve Collection

  • Explore our best seller twelve parquet flooring colors

    Not every parquet floor matches every style. We are firmly convinced of this, so we developed twelve. We give every board in our collection a number and a name. This lets you forge a personal connection with the parquet style that matches the aesthetics of your home best.
  • The Twelve Parket 01 Alice Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 02 Bill Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 03 Charles Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 04 David Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 05 Edward 1024x1024 1


  • The Twelve Parket 06 Florence 1024x1024 1


  • The Twelve Parket 07 Gabriel 1024x1024 1


  • The Twelve Parket 08 Hannah 1024x1024 1


  • The Twelve Parket 09 Irene Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 10 Jack Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 11 Karen Detail 1536x1536 1


  • The Twelve Parket 12 Lea Detail 1536x1536 1


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