Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens - Where Functionality Harmonizes with Cutting-Edge Style


Urban living at its best. Call it refined chaos or just clever design, these kitchens curate an exciting and unexpected mix of textures and materials for a space that is bold and personal. Encapsulating the essence of modern living, seamlessly merging innovation with design, contemporary kitchens are a testament to the evolving nature of culinary artistry and lifestyle preferences.

An open kitchen that invites spaciousness and encourages vibrant interaction.

Nestled in Baabdat, the VS kitchen transforms every meal into a shared celebration of flavors and togetherness. The glass-tall units – integrated between the cabinets – enhance the visual interest and create a cohesive design.

Unveiling Opulence in Concealed Luxury.

In the realm of contemporary culinary spaces, this kitchen exudes opulence and style with a blend of sophisticated materials. With its sleek lacquered finish, the kitchen offers luxury and modernity. This dark, matte finish complements the lacquered oceanic, adding depth and a refined contrast to the overall design.

Exuding refinement and practicality.

FZ Kitchen in the Marina Towers of Zeitouna Bay, Lebanon, is split into a preparation and serving area. The Preparation Area: A Haven for Culinary Creativity, a space designed to inspire and empower culinary endeavors. Every element ensures a smooth and efficient cooking experience.

It is a kitchen of timeless beauty

With the client’s request for a luxurious effect, this kitchen achieved the look through the beauty of eucalyptus wood. The veneered wood exudes opulence and elevates the overall ambiance.

Stainless steel panels, transparent gray glass, emirto glass, and eucalyptus wood create a harmonious blend of textures and tones. The eucalyptus wood adds warmth to the stainless steel panels.

A combination of practicality and refined design.

The serving area space combines culinary excellence with the art of hospitality. The glass doors showcase an impressive collection of fine spirits and limited edition bottles, setting the stage for refined entertainment.

Where organic elements meet contemporary design.

The MD kitchen boasts a seamless fusion of solid wood and concrete walls, complemented by ceramic countertop and a sleek black-and-white color scheme.

The luxury stone argus with a twist.

Crafted from the same materials as the renowned Luxury Stone Argus Doca Kitchen, YG Kitchen brings together Tinted Black Matt Glass, Neolith Ceramic doors, and veneered wood accents for a striking yet functional space.

Where Minimalism Meets Natural Beauty.

Defined by its straightforward minimalism through the combination of laminated cream-stucco Nordic and nogal veneered wood.

A contemporary design that elevates your cooking experience.

Discover a fresh culinary masterpiece featuring a mix of White and Green Smooth Fenix in Kornet Chehwan. This minimal kitchen embraces a clean aesthetic.

The eternal beauty of stone. Unchanged for years beneath a river’s current, the enduring strength of natural stone forms the center island of this sublime cooking space.

Framed by warm, wooden pocket doors, this DOCA kitchen echoes the simple allure of the natural world.

In the culinary world, the avant-garde often draws from traditional flavors—the perfect blend evokes the past, but with a fresh counterpoint, challenging us to experience unique sensations.

In the same way, this DOCA kitchen marries the latest generation of materials, such as steel and water based paint, with 1,000-year-old oak and natural stone replete with ancient fossils.

Here, a monolithic block of stone rests on a large oak table, inviting you to discover the different spaces formed by this imposing DOCA kitchen and its maximized functionality.

The gleaming storage space beyond is made with Glix doors, whose hinges are equipped with a 180 degree opening system that facilitates access from multiple points and levels.

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