Contemporary Kitchens


Urban living at its best. Call it refined chaos or just clever design, these kitchens curate an exciting and unexpected mix of textures and materials for a space that is bold and personal.

The eternal beauty of stone. Unchanged for years beneath a river’s current, the enduring strength of natural stone forms the center island of this sublime cooking space.

Framed by warm, wooden pocket doors, this DOCA kitchen echoes the simple allure of the natural world.

In the culinary world, the avant-garde often draws from traditional flavors—the perfect blend evokes the past, but with a fresh counterpoint, challenging us to experience unique sensations.

In the same way, this DOCA kitchen marries the latest generation of materials, such as steel and water based paint, with 1,000-year-old oak and natural stone replete with ancient fossils.

Here, a monolithic block of stone rests on a large oak table, inviting you to discover the different spaces formed by this imposing DOCA kitchen and its maximized functionality.

The gleaming storage space beyond is made with Glix doors, whose hinges are equipped with a 180 degree opening system that facilitates access from multiple points and levels.

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