Tradition meets technology


A modern wine cellar

Built-in or freestanding we offer all kinds of winecoolers that can meet your needs. You can choose from 1 temperature to 3 temperature zones. V-ZUG and ASKO  wine coolers offer virtually vibration-free cooling with the utmost precision in temperature and humidity.

Technology meets tradition

Connect with your wine

Our Wine Cooler uses cutting-edge design and technology to take care of wine in a way that has been perfected over centuries. Everything we know about how to store your wine in the best possible way can be found here, in a premium, connected refrigeration cabinet that can be made as unique as your collection – and in which you can give it pride of place.
It contains all of the advanced care and storage features that a valuable collection deserves. Capable of storing a large collection – up to 190* bottles – in the right conditions for storing or serving.

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Superb flavour, prestigious design

A Wine that is in perfect conditions

Our built-in wine coolers provide the ideal temperature for drinking wine and showcase bottles perfectly. Having several advanced features designed to provide the kind of care that took centuries to learn. In terms of the hardware, this means sophisticated and virtually vibration-free compressors, controllable temperature zones, pure, activated charcoal-filtered air, and optimum light conditions. The picture is completed by the various software functions– since the cabinet is a fully connected device, it will notify you if anything goes wrong if anything needs looking at, and even when the wine is ready to be opened. It combines knowledge with information for a truly smart product

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The feeling of exclusive gastronomy in your own home

Made to let your wine mature

The Wine Aging Cabinet acts either as a companion to the Wine Climate Cabinet or as a standalone piece. In it, up to 261 bottles of wine can be kept in the perfect conditions for long-term storage, in a way
that protects them and lets their flavors and complexities develop. Like the Wine Climate Cabinet, it’s a solid, vibration-free, and protective appliance,
and it’s a secure home for those parts of your collection you’d like to preserve and mature. It has one large controllable temperature zone, humidity monitoring, and protection against UV.

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Serving and displaying wine elegantly

Serving area – in the center of attention

After putting so much love into storing your wine, and bringing it to the right temperature, it deserves to be served perfectly. The Wine cooler has a serving
area with room for your glassware and accessories and controllable light for inspecting the wine.

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Temperature zones

Precise temperature control

Precise temperature controls let you choose whether you want to preserve your wines, age them, or bring them to serving temperature. You select the desired temperature in the UI or in the app. The sensitive cooling system ensures a non-fluctuating temperature level.

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