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High-quality, environmentally friendly washing machines in Lebanon for the private household, to assist with everyday tasks and make life easier.


Long-lasting and exclusive washing machine

Clean laundry and clean design—in stainless steel or white. Our washing machines are energy efficient, gentle on fabrics, and have a range of special programs for any garment in your wardrobe from ASKO and V-ZUG.

Great operating convenience and an attractive design

 ASKO design ranges

The washing machines at ASKO are of three different design ranges, style, classic, and logic.

The Style models have a full-size front made from a single piece of solid steel that surrounds the stylish horizontally brushed aluminum panel. The front, panel, display, and other visible components boast a perfect fit and finish and the full-color high-definition TFT display provides the best possible overview of the available functions, modes, and status.

For the Logic models, we focused on a
minimalistic appearance with sleek lines and a balanced color scheme between the front plate, panel, and display. Harmony is key here and the Logic models are suited to all types of integration where appearance is important

Our Classic models have a program for every living situation and with the three-run modes, you can quickly adjust the programs to make them either more environmentally friendly or wash more intensively. The interface is easy to understand and straightforward to use with a selection knob for program selection and buttons for each option. The front plate, panel, and controls have the same timeless, discreet, and elegant white design that will last forever.

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Sophisticated technology for ease of use

Making a clean break from competition

Having a basic design that prevents bacterial growth and contributes to the health and well-being of our customers, ASKO washing machines and laundry appliances include the following features:

-A full steel tub reduces bad smells inside the washing machine
-A “form and function” design can also be found inside the machine’s tub, which has a positive effect.
-The steel used in the machines prevents the formation of harmful “biofilms”
-Fungi love fabric softener. The programs are designed to reduce the need for them.
-Steel Seal and a steel drum construction help to avoid the infection risk posed by daily activities

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Excellent results and easy to use features

Washing machines that achieve excellent results with their wide range of easy-to-use functions

All V-ZUG Adora washing machines achieve excellent results. They include a touch display with a pivoting panel that enables the right program to be set quickly and intuitively. The panel can be pivoted through 45 degrees to provide better visibility and ergonomic operation.

In addition, these washers include great LED lighting that illuminates the entire drum. This ensures that no small garments are left inside.

The washing machines deliver a particularly gentle, low-vibration wash thanks to the exclusive V-ZUG Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) as well since the smart sensors detect the location and size of the load and the drum has compartments in the drum ribs that can hold water. As the drum ribs systematically fill with water, the load is automatically balanced out so that the machine runs more quietly and lasts longer.

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Effective wash and quality features

Prioritizing washing quality

The washing machines are the outcome of a long tradition of innovative engineering guaranteeing optimal washing quality by using new technologies and constantly adjusting the four fundamental and interdependent parameters of the Sinner Circle – temperature, mechanics, time, and chemistry – Including features such as Dosing with precision with Auto Dose/ Dose assist / Steam refresh program.

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Economical and environmentally friendly washing.

V-ZUG automatic detergent dispensing

It takes only three clicks to start the machine with the desired program and the optimum amount of detergent. OptiDos calculates the ideal amount of detergent, depending on the selected program, the amount of laundry, and the degree of soiling. This prevents adding too little or too much detergent. It also avoids unnecessary environmental impact and saves on detergent.

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