Freestanding or Built-in Fridges? Choose from our range of refrigerators that come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs and personality of every home chef in Lebanon.


A refrigerator, a freezer, and a combined fridge freezer

Our fridge selection offers multiple storage varieties and configurations ranging from all fridges, all freezers, bottom freezers, and side-by-side fridges. V-ZUG and ASKO Fridges offer both freestanding and built-in fridges in lebanon.

Get the most out of your refrigeration appliance

A fridge designed to do more

Plenty of space, well-planned shelving, and sturdy drawers – just what you’ve come to expect from our fridges and freezer, coupled with a well-considered, stylish design. Explore our range with integrated and freestanding fridges.

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Combined fridges and freezers

Make a statement in the kitchen

These extra-large fridges and freezers make themselves known.
They’re big, but also subtle. Hefty, but elegant. Designed for maximum capacity but also loaded with smart features that turn them into some of the most versatile fridges and freezers available – like dual refrigeration systems, flexible loading racks, height-adjustable shelving, and convertible cooling drawers. The wine chiller with two temperature zones can hold up to 106 wine bottles (0.75 liters)

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Explore our freezers

Stay cool

Some of our models have a convertible drawer. This drawer has a separate temperature control enabling you to choose either wine, freezer, or fresh-food mode. This is a perfect function when you temporarily have to store more food for a dinner party or when you need extra space for storing large food. The conversion from either the freezer mode to fresh-food mode and vice versa takes just about three hours.

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kitchen appliances

It makes room. It makes a room.

Refrigerator with Pure flexibility

Lots of storage space, high-quality materials, and powerful performance: the coolest appliances in the kitchen. They give you lots of space and flexibility for storing your groceries. The CombiCooler Supreme, the Cooler Supreme, and the wine cooler Supreme are not only taller and wider but also offer more space from front to back.

This is possible thanks to their laterally installed cooling technology. The additional space makes the interior less cluttered. Every item is always close at hand, with no need to restack your provisions.

These new appliances are luxurious not only in terms of dimensions but also visually and to the touch. Authentic, high-end materials offer the quality you can see and feel. Solid components and huge sections of stainless steel made from a single piece of metal ensure stability

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