Electric ovens built for results


Reliable appliances equipped with modern technology

Our selection of ovens is infinite and comes with all the features you might need in your kitchen. We offer 45cm or 60cm height ovens and 60cm or 90cm wide built in ovens with gas or electric oven functions from ASKO and V-ZUG.

Refresh your creativity

 Restaurant-quality results

Using a combination of steam and air convection, you can take the temperature higher, making sure that food browns perfectly for a perfect finish and delicious taste, while also benefitting from improved heat transfer and more even cooking.

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Simple, flexible and reliable baking

Keep food fresh, colorful, crisp, and healthy

Traditional cooking, with gleaming design and the latest technology. Gas or electric, we offer a variety of ovens from 90 cm to 60 cm that is a breeze to use and will look great in any space. Steaming vegetables is a familiar way to keep them tasting and looking good and preserve their nutritional benefits better than poaching or simmering. Crucially, with steaming, the vegetables aren’t buffeted around in the same way that they would be in a potful of boiling water or stock, so they keep their shape and texture better.

Adding to that trusty and innovative baking programs. The wide range of operating modes featured in our ovens covers the needs of different cooks, from manually setting conventional operating modes to automatic programs that require just one touch of a button.

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The hub of every kitchen

Ovens with extra large capacity

The 60 cm ovens are extra large with a capacity of up to 73 liters and the possibility to bake on five levels simultaneously. This saves time, money, and the planet because you use electricity more efficiently. The same applies to the combination oven that can hold a full 50 liters and with which you can bake on three levels simultaneously. One of the largest 45 cm ovens on the market.

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Kitchen Oven

Built for results

Crafted for a perfect cooking results

The oven cavity is inspired by the traditional wood-fired ovens, with a vaulted ceiling, providing a more efficient circulation and even distribution of heat throughout the whole oven cavity. Our ovens include features like:

  • Pyrolytic self-clean. (During the self-cleaning program the oven heats to 465 °C and all grease and leftovers are carbonized to a fine ash, which you then easily wipe up.)
  • Telescopic guides. (Making it convenient and safe to load/ unload the oven, no matter how heavy & hot your dishes are)
  • Pro roast mode. (the pro roast mode helps create a delicious crispy crust on meat, poultry, and fish)
  • Add your favorites. (You can add any of your previous cooking combinations and use them every time you cook that favorite dish of yours.)
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Convenient and perfectly uniform

5 Air Flow Circulation

The cavity in our ovens, makes hot air circulate more consistently, ensuring perfectly uniform cooking. To improve the diffusion effect, even more, the cavity, racks, and drip trays are covered in high-quality enamel which efficiently absorbs and reflects heat, so all your dishes turn out perfectly.

Adding to that, the temperature probe. Just place the thermometer in the center of your dish and set the desired temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the oven will make a sound and turn off.

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