Microwave Oven

A New Generation of Microwave Ovens in Lebanon


New and established microwave ovens to suit every need

Built-in Microwaves or Microwave ovens are both available in our 45cm range. We offer several design options ranging from black glass, mirror glass, and stainless steel appliances from ASKO and V-ZUG.

Stylish, modern, and feature-rich

Built for results

All ovens are intelligently crafted for a perfect cooking result. The oven cavity is inspired by the traditional wood-fired ovens, with a vaulted ceiling, providing a more efficient circulation and even distribution of heat throughout the whole oven cavity

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Kitchen Oven

A unique offering to the market

Making the most out of your Microwave oven

Environmental – less material is used since just one oven is needed.
Space saving – no need for an extra microwave or steamer.
Convenient – no need to move food between ovens when using several cooking methods.
Healthy cooking – full steam function for healthy preparation of fish and vegetables and regeneration of already prepared meals.
Better bread – use the combi steam function to create delicious bread with a crispy yet soft crust.
Instant but delicious– fast cooking with microwaves in combination with heat to achieve texture and crusts to your food.

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Versatile Cooking- from fast food to gourmet dinners

Advantages of combi microwave ovens

It comes with all the advantages of both microwaves and traditional heat. In the same program, you can thaw a chicken and then cook it or speed up the cooking of a beef roast by first using microwaves and then later traditional
cooking. In microwave ovens, you can simmer a sauce without boiling it thanks
to the inverter technology that produces a continuous flow of microwaves instead of pulses as in a traditional microwave system. All our combi microwave ovens have a stage cooking function, allowing you to set up to three different cooking modes in a single program

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Combi Microwave oven

Simple, pure and down to earth microwave ovens

The simplest and purest elements

The unique material combination gives a black impression. Depending on the surroundings, it shifts into brown or graphite grey. Reflecting the geology of Scandinavia. The brushed metal edges of the ovens make this a solid piece for built-in purposes. Match the clean-cut edges of the gas and induction hobs.

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