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Kitchen Hobs – Cutting-edge technology

You can find both induction and gas cooktops in all 30cm, 60cm, and 90cm size cooktops. V-ZUG and ASKO both offer an extensive range of cooktops made from Ceramic and Stainless Steel.

Great operating convenience and an attractive design

A hob to satisfy every aspiration

With our new range of appliances, we offer a suitable hob to satisfy every aspiration. Whether it’s a modern induction hob, a combined hob, and a range hood, they are all intuitive to operate and fulfill the most discerning requirements in terms of aesthetics.

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Induction: from fixed zones to maximum flexibility

Top quality induction hobs

The latest induction technology in the hob means consistent high power, efficient cooling, and solid electric components for durability. It’s built to last, and to perform beautifully in all circumstances.

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Creative, flexible cooking, refined aesthetics

Flexible, and creative cooking

The new CookTop V4000 with ZoneFlex induction technology redefines the flexibility of cooking zones. With its new multi-slider controls, it fulfills the most demanding design requirements and offers intuitive operation. Having some of the best features needed, these hobs are flexible, minimalist, and powerful (with an output of up to 3,700 watts each, the hob’s two zones ensure rapid cooking results.)

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Perfect temperatures, perfect timing, perfect results.

Celsius°Cooking™ puts total control in your hands.

The Celsius° Cooking™ system is a really hands-on way to experience smart, connected technology in the kitchen. It consists of a high-quality induction hob – an appliance that manages to be both highly advanced, and really user-friendly – with electronically-linked pots and pans and a temperature probe. Via the pans and probe, you can measure cooking temperatures and the core temperature of the food, precisely. You can also control these, and exact timings, with real precision. The pans and probe communicate with the hob to allow you to read and control what’s happening with real precision, ensuring that the right level of heat is delivered at the right time.

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Combine two energy sources

Combined induction and gas

The 90 cm Duo Fusion hob combines two energy sources with its 57 cm induction zone and a 33 cm Fusion Volcano Wok burner. These two cooking modes are combined on a single ceramic glass hob measuring 6 mm thick. This is the first hob specially designed for people who like to use both gas and induction

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Solidity and performance

Ceramic black glass hob

ASKO ceramic glass gas hobs are a part of an exclusive range of superior performance household appliances. They have a distinctive, timeless, and contemporary design combined with the highest quality.

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