Long lasting exclusive dryers in Lebanon


Long-lasting and exclusive dryers

Enjoy short drying times and energy-saving technologies. Our dryers in Lebanon are energy efficient, and gentle on fabrics from ASKO and V-ZUG.

They don’t just dry fabrics, they care for them too

Adora Dryer

Adora tumble dryers achieve top results for energy efficiency. In addition, they contain environmentally friendly coolant propane. Thanks to the tumble dryers’ special method of construction, hardly any moisture escapes. When laundry is hung up to dry, the unique DualDry removes the moisture from the air and speeds up the drying process.

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Laundry care starts with the right program

ASKO tumble dryers

In order to spend as little time as possible in the laundry room. ASKO has created a large number of programs that reflect different types of clothes, fabrics, and situations. These programs include: Bedding / Silk and wool / Shirts / Timed drying / Steam care for shirts / Sportswear / Quick Pro / Steam refresh / Conditioning

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Drying ecologically and economically

Dryers that not only deliver impressive performance, but also make economical use of resources

Thanks to various energy-saving programs, electricity consumption can be kept to a minimum with V-ZUG Adora Dryer. The EcoManagement monitors the tumble dryer’s energy consumption in detail. A consumption indicator displays predicted energy consumption before the program starts, and actual consumption after it finishes. Total energy consumption and average consumption over the last 25 programs can be clearly displayed at any time.

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Steam is natural caring

The only crease treatment
that actually works

Using the steam wrinkle care program effectively reduces and eliminates creases in, for example, shirts and linen. The program uses repetitive steam injections and heat treatment at low temperatures, which also makes it suitable for sensitive fabrics. You can steam treat up to six shirts for perfect results.

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There is always room for a heat pump dryer

Gentle drying with heat pump dryer

ASKO’s heat pump dryers are closed systems in which the process air constantly circulates inside the tumble dryer, making it possible to install them in confined spaces, with little incoming air. Easy to integrate and

It can dry with more air and less heat, and dry gently your clothes. The air is dehumidified with the help of an evaporator instead of heat only, which means that lower temperatures can be used in the drying process. This, in turn, makes the drying more gentle on fabrics without any loss in drying capacity or effectiveness.

A soft drum made of stainless steel – A solution developed to enhance airflow around the load, thereby increasing the drying effect. The circular indentations with beveled edges also have a cushioning effect that reduces wear and tear on fabrics.

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