Less Energy, More Power. Freestanding or Built-in we have it all, discover our set of asko and v-zug dishwashers in Lebanon


A durable dishwasher is a sustainable choice

V-ZUG and ASKO produce one of the best dishwashers in the world in terms of energy efficiency and performance. Our dishwashers are tested to last an equivalent of 15 years

Great operating convenience and an attractive design

 Designed to do more

Uncluttered, minimalist, and modern – this is how the front panels of our dishwashers showcase themselves. The dishwashers in lebanon are designed with a range of different modes, you can quickly adapt your dishwashing to suit your lifestyle. It is a dishwasher that does not compete for attention, but hands you valuable tips and makes your dishwashing more flexible. It can tell you when something is wrong or needs its auto-dosing compartment filled up.

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dishwasher in lebanon

A dishwasher you can really connect with

Dishwashers that are connected

The dishwashers are connected to the future – they can be controlled via the required app and provide information about their program status and lots more besides. You can look up the online user manual, change settings, check the machine’s status, and more. You can even start, stop and pause programs on the move. The app includes a step-by-step guide to help you find the best programs for you depending on what you’re washing and how you prefer to wash it.

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Let there be light. UV-cleanse mode

UV light eliminates up to 99.9 % of bacteria

Taking cleanliness and hygiene to the highest level, we added a fifth and unexpected ingredient – light. UV light, to be exact. UV light is proven to kill bacteria. This is why we decided to build our latest dishwashing innovation around it, enabling up to 99,99999 % of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more that can find their way onto your dishes and into your dishwasher. Of course, like detergent, you have to use the right amount.

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UV light

It makes room. It makes a room.

Largest loading height on the market

A loading height of up to 54cm (XL dishwashers in Lebanon) means that there is plenty of room for even the largest and most awkward kitchen objects. Closing the door puts the machine back in its place – where it doesn’t compete for space or attention

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Built to last. Designed to be used

Designed to last 20 years

Sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. So when we design our products, it is our responsibility to not only make products that last but which also make things better – for our customers and
for the planet.

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