Coffee Machine

Treat yourself everyday to the ideal cup of coffee at the press of a button. These built-in coffee machines are a sure-fire way to elevate your home life, now.


Our Coffee Machine- The Built-in Barista

Built-in Coffee Machines fit perfectly next to our 45cm range or 60cm ovens when a warming drawer is added. You can choose from a variety of design fronts that match the rest of your appliances from  V-ZUG and ASKO.

Perfect coffee enjoyment on tap

 Adequately brewed coffee to suit every taste

Whether it’s ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, or flat white, these automatic built-in coffee machines offer properly brewed coffee to suit every taste. Dosage, grinding, brewing pressure, and temperature are parameters that need to be exact to make that perfect cup of coffee. With the Elements coffee machine, we have transformed the barista’s expertise into techniques and algorithms, all designed to brew the ideal coffee for you. It is just like a dream come true a compartment filled up.

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Coffee machine

Create the perfect milk froth

Get the needed froth

Our Coffee machine consists of a thermal milk container and thermal milk froth. Most of our beloved coffee drinks consist of espresso with different amounts of milk and froth. The foam itself is made from tiny air bubbles that form when steam is added to the cold milk. The goal is to get as tiny bubbles as possible to get a steady, yet smooth, body of froth.

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Good coffee requires cleanliness

Simple cleaning process

As we wanted to create a minimalistic design for our new coffee machine, we put most of the parts behind the front cover. But, as a clean coffee machine is a key factor for delicious coffee, we also wanted to make the interior parts are easily accessible through wide drip tray/ easy-clean brewing unit/ automatic cleaning with steam/ dishwasher-safe milk container

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Full color touch display

Intuitive operation

  • My coffee profile settings (By selecting the menu ”My coffee menu” you can customize your version of the perfect cup of coffee. This way, you’ll have direct access to your favorite coffee drink. )
  • Settings for fine-tuning your coffee (you can adjust almost twenty different parameters such as coffee temperature, auto-start and stop, display background color, water hardness level, descaling schemes, and energy saving mode.)
  • Custom mode (Select a predefined coffee drink of your choice, then adjust aroma, strength, and volume. There!)
  • Direct selection ( Just tap on the desired symbol on the screen and the brewing starts immediately. Real coffee instantly.)
  • Guest function (The “Guest” function is a temporary user profile designed to save time when serving many cups of the same coffee drink)
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Looking for a freestanding coffee machine?

The groundbreaking Z10 with P.R.G. for hot and cold brew specialty coffees

if you’re looking for a freestanding coffee machine, then you should definitely check out these products with their outstanding features:

  • New Product Recognizing Grinder (The electronically controlled high-performance grinder adjusts in a fraction of a second to the predefined consistency of grind)
  • Cold brew- extreme freshness (extraction takes place with cold water, pulsed at high pressure, and more coarsely ground coffee.)
  • 8th generation brewing unit (With its unique 3D brewing technology, it allows the water to flow evenly through the ground coffee at multiple levels.)
  • Lasting elegance (The complex convex-concave aluminum front panel demonstrates the very highest standard of craftsmanship. The water tank with its elegant wave design and the harmonious filter casing are just two examples of the attention paid to what might seem like small details.)
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