Eucalyptus Wood and Stainless Panels

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Date : 2022

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Made of glass doors, eucalyptus wood, and stainless steel panels, A kitchen that blends all the spaces.

Kitchen Avenue Kitchens
DOCA Kitchens


Emirto glass

Transparent grey glass

Eucalyptus wood

Stainless steel panels


Emirto glass, transparent grey glass, and eucalyptus wood with stainless steel panels create a harmonious fusion of textures and tones. The eucalyptus wood with the sleek stainless steel panels adds warmth to the kitchen.

DOCA Kitchen

A central ceramic island acts as a multifunctional hub where cooking, dining, and socializing seamlessly blend. The tall units provide ample storage space, ensuring everything you need is conveniently within reach.

DOCA kitchens in lebanon

Glass shelves with built-in LED lights for an ambient touch come together with stainless steel doors that exude contemporary sophistication, and a ceramic island with a floating bar, combining natural elements and a social focal point.

Designed with a purpose in mind, the absence of walls in the cooking area promotes seamless interaction between the chef and family members, creating a space where culinary creativity and family bonding can grow.


Completing the design with a ceramic sink and an adjustable mixer tap, in addition to the guillotine mechanism with transparent grey glass that conceals small items.

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