FIM Canopo 120 Inox

The filter alarm gives automatic advice when maintenance is needed for the carbon and grease filters.

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size: 120 cm

Version: Suction/Filtering (optional)

Controls: Electronic 3+I

Lighting: led strip / 1×13,5W


Airflow: 710 m3/h

Pressure: 580 Pa

Noise level: 45 Min / 64 max lw[dba]

Motor power: 275 W

Duct size: Ø 150 mm

Energy Class: A

Functions that improve performance

Air exchange

It allows you to schedule the start of ventilation automatically and periodically throughout the day. This function is helpful to ensure continuous air exchange. The process switches off automatically with the normal use of the hood.

Filter alarm

The control automatically notifies you when it is necessary to do the planned maintenance of the grease and carbon filters when using the hood in filtering mode.


It activates the engine at maximum suction power for a certain time and then automatically reduces its speed. This function is useful in the cooking phases where considerable amounts of fumes are generated.

Led light

The extractor hoods are equipped with LED lighting that allows you to reduce consumption and operating temperature, obtaining high efficiency and reliability over time. To integrate with the design of the various products, single lamps, LED bars or uniformly bright steel and glass panels developed and manufactured internally are used. To meet the needs of all customers, various color gradations or RGB systems are available.


Once cooked, it allows the suction of the hood to work for a sufficient time to completely dispose of the residual fumes and odors. After this interval, the suction of the hood stops automatically.



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