ASKO Freestanding Heat Pump Drying Cabinet White

Product type: Condenser with heat pump
Door hinge placement: Right
Cabinet material: Stainless Steel
Installation: Freestanding

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ASKO Drying Cabinet- Dryers in lebanon


Ultra Gentle Drying

Check the labels on your clothes and you’ll see that many garments and materials need very careful treatment. Silk, velvet and satin, for example, need to be handled with care. That’s when a drying cabinet comes in handy.

Versatile Drying

With a drying cabinet, you can dry your family’s sweaters, shirts, coats, shoes, gloves and more in a neat, organised way. It’s a brilliant way of taking care of your family’s clothes while keeping the house neat and tidy.

Heat Pump Technology

Dry your clothes quickly and effectively with our new heat pump drying cabinets. Low in energy consumption but high in drying efficieny. The cabinet is a fully closed system which means that no exhaust air connection is required. The moisture condenses during the process and the water that is formed is conveyed to a detachable water tank or via a hose to the drain

16 Meter Clothes Line

Our drying cabinets are very spacious with enough room to accommodate the equivalent of a 16-metre clothesline. The interior is flexible and the intelligent design makes them very easy to adapt and organise for various kinds of laundry. This ensures that you always achieve the maximum drying effect.

Shoe Rack

It’s not just rubber boots that can be dried in a drying cabinet. All leather shoes need to rest between each use to allow moisture to escape. If you use them before they have dried, the seams will eventually break and they will lose their fit. Put them in the drying cabinet when you get home from work and they are ready for your evening walk an hour later

Auto Programs

Smart, easy to use, time and energy saving – there are many benefits to our new Auto programs. Just choose the program and options you want, and the drying cabinet will automatically turn off once it’s ready and your clothes are dry.

Warm Towels

Use your drying cabinet to warm your towels. This is a program to heat garments or fabrics to a comfortable temperature in an energy optimised method. Just imagine a warm dressing or ski boots, gloves and hats in the winter

Cold Dry

If you check the labels on your clothes you will see that many garments and materials need very careful treatment. Silk, velvet and satin, for example, need to be handled with care. With the Cold Dry function you will get the gentlest drying ever – no wear and tear just gentle air.


ASKO heat pump drying cabinets transport air through a backwall channel. The air is evenly distributed to the compartment through six outlets, creating an efficient airflow that flutters the garment for faster drying. The heat pump drying cabinet has a total airflow of 945 m³/h

Construction & Performance

Reinforced and sound-insulated door
Door guide for perfect alignment
Dewatering capacity: 22 g/min
Total drying length: 16 m
Drying capacity: 5 kg
Airflow: 945 m³/h
Shortest program time (min): 75 min

Standard Electrical Connection

Frequency: 50 Hz
Length of electrical cord: 2290 mm
Number of phases: 1

Interaction & Control

Program selector and option keys
Memorizing intelligent system
Remaining time indication

Design & Integration

Reversible door hanger
Flush installation height with tower of Washing machine, Tumble dryer and Hidden helper
Possible to install in cabinet
Possible to wall mount
Condensate container position: Below
Condensate drain way: Container and drain
Motor location: Below drying compartment

Safety & Maintenance

Door switch

Technical Data

Noise level70 dB(A)re 1 pW
Plug typeEuro
Number of phases1
Frequency50 Hz
Net weight93 kg
ISO 14001Yes


Product dimensions (HxWxD)185,4 × 59,5 × 66,3 cm
Depth with door open1237 mm
Length electrical cord2,3 m

Logistic Information

Packaging width: 650 mm
Packaging height: 1900 mm
Packaging depth: 730 mm
Width: 595 mm
Height: 1854 mm
Depth: 663 mm
Net weight: 93 kg
Gross weight: 99 kg
Reversible door hanger: Yes
Possible to install in the cabinet: Yes
Possible to wall-mount: Yes
Depth with door open: 1237 mm
Product code: 675927
EAN code: 3838782070167



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