ASKO Craft Vacuum Drawer 14cm Black

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Product Data Sheets


Sous vide preparation

Our vacuum drawer provides a unique possibility to introduce advanced cooking in your own home. The drawer can be used for preparing food for Sous vide cooking. The Sous-vide cooking technique involves sealing food in special vacuum bags and then cook it in steam at temperatures between 40 and 100°C. Thanks to the completely sealed bag natural flavors, color and texture are preserved, as well as all the essential vitamins and minerals.

3 vacuum levels

With a user-friendly touch control interface you can choose between three different vacuum levels depending on sensitiveness of the food. For example, meat needs a higher vacuum level of cooking effect to be optimal. Fruit however need a lower vacuum level to not be damaged by the high negative air pressure.

3 sealing levels

We have three levels of sealing to choose from, depending on size and what your are sealing. You can choose from thin, medium and increased sealing length. The increased length can be used for storage and sous vide cooking.

Telescopic guides

This is a practical, sturdy solution which makes it easy to insert or remove hot plates, cups from the warming drawer.

Easy clean surface

Everyone wants a clean appliance in their kitchen. That’s why all ASKO cooking appliances are made of materials that’s easy to keep clean.

Touch control interface

Our interface is easy and engaging to use and will encourage you to explore all features and functions of the appliance. We have an intuitive interface software based on consumer insights and usability tests.

Push to open

The drawer opens with a push-to-open solution, all for a modern and clean impression. A simple push is all that’s needed to open.

Use and flexibility

Opening method: Push-to-open mechanism
Maximum bag size (WxH/mm): 250-350
Pump capacity: 4 m³/h
Three vacuum levels
Three plastic bag sealing levels
Hose for external vacuuming
Vacuum sealing technology for Sous Vide cooking

Safety and maintenance

Easy clean stainless steel compartment

Interaction and control

Control: Touch control
Illuminated power button

Design and interaction

Suitable for integration with ovens
Possible to install oven on top
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 14 × 56 × 55 cm


Technical data

Connected load320 W
Frequency50 Hz
Product dimensions (HxWxD)14 × 54,2 × 54,5 cm
Length electrical cord1,8 m
Net weight35 kg

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD)18,4 × 63,8 × 65,2 cm
Gross weight37 kg
Product code563506
EAN code3838942130274