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Date : 2023

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The luxury stone argus with a twist

luxury stone argus- kitchen design
wine cooler


Noella Aoun


Neolith Pierre Bleue

Emirto V-matt Negro Glass 

Roble Fume Veneered Wood 


Crafted from the same materials as the renowned Luxury Stone Argus Doca Kitchen, YG Kitchen brings together Tinted Black Matt Glass, Neolith Ceramic doors, and veneered wood accents for a striking yet functional space.

kitchen sinks and taps- doca kitchen

At the core of YG Kitchen is its central island, a symbol of durability and design innovation. Surrounding this island, the warmth of wood creates an inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect gathering spot for both culinary tasks and family conversations.

DOCA Kitchen in Lebanon

Designed with practicality in mind, the appliances are integrated into the kitchen for ease of use and a complete look. The central countertop offers ample workspace and encourages creative meal preparation.

kitchen countertop- worktop- doca kitchen design in lebanon

Appliances and Materials Selected

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