VS Kitchen

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Date : 2024

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An open kitchen that invites spaciousness and encourages vibrant interaction

grigio countertop in lebanon
doca kitchen design in lebanon


Bachir Nader


Hollin and Glass Cabinets

Derimade Brande Curve

Grigio Orobico Marble


Nestled in Baabdat, the VS kitchen transforms every meal into a shared celebration of flavors and togetherness. The glass-tall units – integrated between the cabinets – enhance the visual interest and create a cohesive design.

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The Grigio Orobico marble countertop ensures elegance and easy maintenance, making it practical and visually appealing. The unique countertop design adds character to the kitchen space, showcasing a beautiful combination of textures and colors.

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Designed to embody an organic aesthetic, highlighted by the curved countertop, not only adds a touch of natural elegance but also enhances the flow of the kitchen, promoting a seamless cooking and dining experience

 Island 215D Derimade Brande Curve

Experience seamless functionality with integrated glass tall units that enhance storage options while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic

luxury kitchens in lebanon
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