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Date : 2023

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It is a kitchen of timeless beauty

Eucalyptus kitchen
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Gisèle Abouchahine


Eucalyptus Wood

Stainless Steel Panels

Aluminum Acero Argenta

Emirto Transparent Grey


With the client’s request for a luxurious effect, this kitchen achieved the look through the beauty of eucalyptus wood. The veneered wood exudes opulence and elevates the overall ambiance.

Sayde Saade Doca Eucalyptus Wood Kitchen

Stainless steel panels, transparent gray glass, emirto glass, and eucalyptus wood create a harmonious blend of textures and tones. The eucalyptus wood adds warmth to the stainless steel panels.

Eucalyptus stainless steel emirto glass doca kitchens in lebanon

The glass shelves with built-in LED lights offer a relaxing ambiance, the stainless steel doors exude contemporary sophistication, and a ceramic island with a floating bar combines natural elements and provides a focal point for socializing.

wood kitchen design

The ceramic island acts as a multifunctional hub for dining and socializing seamlessly. The tall units provide ample storage space, ensuring everything you need is conveniently within reach.

storage solutions

One of the kitchen’s unique highlights is incorporating a wall clad with eucalyptus wood and stainless steel, accentuating the space’s refinement and blending with the surroundings.

vzug oven

The low tables are perfect for casual meals like breakfasts and any other practical purposes. Designed to bring a touch of functionality to any kitchen, catering to every lifestyle requirement

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