Smooth Black and Wood Viejo Gray

Project JN – Baabda

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Date : 2020

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A glimpse of Ace the cat enjoying his afternoon in our DOCA, Muebles de Cocina Smooth Black and Wood Viejo Gray kitchen.

STF 0264
Kitchens in Lebanon


Fenix black

Solid wooden bar


The focal point of this kitchen is the solid wooden bar, crafted to integrate nature’s essence. Its black color adds a touch of mystery, while the natural perspective inside the black area creates a captivating contrast.

Kitchens in lebanon

Smooth black wood and Viejo gray create an open kitchen concept that seamlessly blends with the living room. This design choice allows easy interaction between family members and guests.

Grain viejo kitchen

This kitchen combines natural materials with earthy tones, creating a rustic yet contemporary atmosphere through reclaimed woods and warm finishes.

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