SK Kitchen

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Date : 2023

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A kitchen embracing a contemporary industrial vibe

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kitchem hobs


Gisèle Abouchahine


Hollin Smooth

Vision Nordik


This functional SK kitchen combines Hollin Smooth and Vision Nordik materials to create a contemporary industrial feel, perfect for meal preparation.

industrial doca kitchen

This industrial-inspired kitchen is arranged for streamlined meal preparation. From the conveniently placed hobs to the strategically positioned hoods and fridge, every element is within arm’s reach for efficient cooking.

V-ZUG and ASKO kitchen hobs

The SK Kitchen embodies a minimalistic approach, prioritizing purposeful design. The space, tailored for those who seek meal preparation, amplifies functionality with its simplicity.

kitchen ovens - steam ovens

The materials create an inviting atmosphere, with the combination of textures and hues, this space is welcoming while maintaining a touch of modernity.

doca kitchen

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