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Date : 2023

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Unveiling Opulence in Concealed Luxury

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Raphael Mocadie


Lacquered Oceanic

V-matt Negro

Ceramic Pierre Bleue


In the realm of contemporary culinary spaces, this kitchen exudes opulence and style with a blend of sophisticated materials.

DOCA Black Glass Kitchen Design in Lebanon

With its sleek lacquered finish, the kitchen offers luxury and modernity. This dark, matte finish complements the lacquered oceanic, adding depth and a refined contrast to the overall design.

Lacquered Kitchen Matt Finishes- Dark kitchen design

The Pierre Blue Neolith countertop expresses refinement while contributing to an eco-conscious environment. It is an earth-friendly and durable solution.

pierre  bleue- V-zug downdraft hod

This bespoke Kitchen boasts a concealed design concept where everything remains tucked away behind pocket doors. From small appliances to a downdraft hood, everything is hidden from sight unless in active use, providing a clean and seamless look to the space.

V-Zug  oven and coffee machine

Lights within the kitchen create a luxurious ambiance, adding to the pleasure of dining. Utilizing earth-friendly materials, especially Pierre Blue Neolith adds to the beauty of the design and emphasizes the commitment to eco-friendliness.

DOCA kitchen - kitchen avenue lebanon

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