MDD Kitchen

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Date : 2023

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Converging designs with vibrancy

V-ZUG steam ovens in Lebanon
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Grigio Laminated

Smooth Blue Laminated



The kitchen boasts a symphony of colors and convenience with laminated smooth blue, grigio, and a calacatta countertop. The interplay of vibrant blue and sophisticated grigio adds personality and energy to the kitchen.

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At the center of this lively kitchen lies a central countertop with a floating wooden island. This island serves as a platform for meal preparation and a communal hub for family gatherings and culinary conversations.

kitchen countertop

By integrating Calacatta countertops into the wall cladding, you can achieve a complete look and create visual harmony.

Level Calacatta wall cladding

Indulging in the love of fine wines with the built-in wine cooler, an exquisite addition to the kitchen. This dedicated space ensures that the vintages are stored at the optimal temperature, ready to be uncorked and enjoyed.

Kitchen ceramic calacatta countertop

The MDD Kitchen embraces modernity with a curated selection of appliances. From the precision of ASKO’s gas hob to the innovation of V-ZUG’s ovens and steam ovens, this kitchen is a testament to culinary technology at its finest.

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Materials and Appliances Selected

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