MD Kitchen

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Date : 2023

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Where organic elements meet contemporary design.

pocket door
kitchen design


Tarek Jaroudi


Emirto Glass V-matt Negro

Ceramic Neolith Nero Marquinia Countertop

Lacquered Glossy Doors

Kitchen Layout


The MD kitchen boasts a seamless fusion of solid wood and concrete walls, complemented by ceramic countertop and a sleek black-and-white color scheme.

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To embrace an organic concept, the MD kitchen emphasizes natural materials and neutral white and black colors. The ceiling, made from solid oak wood, adds rustic refinement to the space. Lacquered finishes and glossy doors create depth and reflection, amplifying the kitchen’s visual appeal.

Kitchen cabinets

The pocket doors discreetly house small appliances like the coffee machine and toaster. These doors and the adjustable sockets keep the countertop clutter-free and provide extra serving space when needed.

Optimizing storage capacity with a pull-out mechanism ensures efficient organization of kitchen essentials. The oven, fridge, and sink side-by-side streamline the cooking workflow

Kitchen Sliding Doors

The bar area, accompanied by stylish stools, encourages gatherings and enables family and friends to engage with the cook during meal preparation.

Sliding doors help complete the look, while built-in lights within the cabinets provide a subtle, inviting ambiance. A built-in hood maintains the alignment of the wall cabinets, enhancing their overall visual appeal when the sliding doors are closed.

Materials and Appliances Selected

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