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Date : 2022

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A Kitchen containing all the force of a rock in its central island, and the warmth of wood in its accompanying retractable columns. A kitchen as unique as the planet we live on.

kitchen in lebanon
doca kitchen


Tinted black matt glass

Neyolith ceramic doors

veneered wood accents


The tinted black matt glass exudes an air of sophistication and refinement. Complementing it are the Neyolith ceramic doors and countertop. The veneered wood accents add warmth and organic charm to the overall design.

square KA 12

The attached floating table to the island provides additional workspace and serves as a captivating centerpiece, inviting conversations and culinary creativity.

squar KA 25

The two pocket doors hide appliances and small items. This feature ensures a clutter-free environment, allowing the kitchen’s beauty to take center stage.

DOCA Pocket doors

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