KM Kitchen

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Date : 2023

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Where Minimalism Meets Natural Beauty

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Laminated Cream Stucco Nordic

Nogal Veneered Wood


Defined by its straightforward minimalism through the combination of laminated cream-stucco Nordic and nogal veneered wood.

Kitchen materials

Embracing a light and airy atmosphere with neutral tones, the appliances seamlessly blend into the kitchen, ensuring a clean and uncluttered appearance.

integrated kitchen appliances

Efficiency is at the heart of KM Kitchen. The fridge seamlessly integrates with the cabinets. The ASKO washing machine and dryer find their place in a corner, maintaining functionality without compromising on style.

built-in fridge

Nogal Veneered Wood accents bring a touch of nature into KM Kitchen. These accents infuse warmth and character, connecting the kitchen to the natural world, and the under-counter V-ZUG wine cooler adds a touch of luxury.

V-ZUG Winecooler

Appliances and Materials Selected

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