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Date : 2023

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The All in One Wall IO Kitchen

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DOCA kitchen design


Hasan Hijazi



Cream Stucco Laminate

Neolith Steel Countertop


The IO kitchen breaks away from traditional norms and embraces a new kitchen design.

Kitchen Design

The client’s request for a countertop that deviates from the rectangular shape led to a hexagonal countertop. This choice adds an intriguing focal point.

Kitchen Countertop

Bringing light and warmth, the earthy colors take center stage in IO Kitchen, serving to illuminate the space and create an inviting atmosphere. These shades add a sense of warmth and brightness to the kitchen, especially in areas where natural daylight is limited.

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The All-in-One Wall IO Kitchen incorporates all appliances into a single wall. This layout ensures that everything you need for meal preparation and cooking is within easy reach. By eliminating the need to face a wall while cooking, the design fosters a more engaging and enjoyable culinary experience.

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Materials and Appliances Selected

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