FZ Kitchen

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Date : 2023

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Exuding refinement and practicality.

doca kitchen walnut
fz kitchen in lebanon


Pierre Rabbat


White Fenix

Walnut Veneered Wood

Calacatta Ceramic Countertop


FZ Kitchen in the Marina Towers of Zeitouna Bay, Lebanon, is split into a preparation and serving area.

doca kitchen

The Preparation Area: A Haven for Culinary Creativity, a space designed to inspire and empower culinary endeavors. Every element ensures a smooth and efficient cooking experience.

Kitchens in lebanon- calacatta ceramic kitchen countertop

The Fenix White materials reflect a modern layout, while the Walnut Veneered Wood brings a warm and enduring design.

walnut veneered wood kitchen design

The layout adheres to the golden triangle rule, allowing for effortless movement between the fridge, sink, and oven.

V-ZUG Kitchen hood and hob, kitchen appliances

The ceramic Calacatta countertop, with its matte finish, provides a durable and practical surface for your culinary creations.

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Materials and Appliances Selected

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