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Date : 2023

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A kitchen that represents the essence of simplicity and minimalism.

Kitchens in Beirut lebanon
v-zug wine cooler and oven


Emirto Glass V-matt Negro

Black Neolith Countertop

Fenix Hollin Smooth


Based in the heart of Clemenceau, the two-area L-shaped kitchen creates a practical and visually captivating space.

FS kitchen, gas oven, blanco sink

Starting with the preparation area. This spacious zone- designed for preparing meals, also caters to larger gatherings and buffet-style catering. Black accents further enhance the ambiance, adding a touch of class to the space. Glass wall cabinets enhance the visual display and make it easier to locate and access stored items, for a clutter-free environment.

doca ktichen cutlery

Completing the minimalist look with sleek handle-less cabinets. The placement of appliances, such as the fridge and oven side by side allows for efficient workflow.

asko induction hob

Serving as a space for entertaining and hosting memorable dining experiences. The design focuses on a minimalistic aesthetic, complementing the overall style. Hidden appliances are integrated into the kitchen, finishing kitchen tasks while maintaining a sleek appearance.

FS DOCA kitchen in lebanon

The centerpiece of FS Kitchen is the island, with a ceramic thickness of 7cm, clearly outlining the two distinct areas of the kitchen. The island serves as a focal point and provides ample space for meal preparation, serving, and casual dining. It combines style and functionality, ensuring a seamless flow between the Preparation and Serving Areas.

Kitchen countertop

The island doubles as a serving and eating space, creating a central hub for socializing and culinary delight. Its position facing the window offers a great view as you prepare your meals.

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