Blanco-Zaha Stone

Project JN – Baabdet

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Date : 2020

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Our white smooth cabinets intersect with zaha stone countertop to create a functional and visually blanced kitchen

Blanco Zaha Stone Kitchen in Lebanon


Fenix White Matt

Ceramic Zaha Stone


The Fenix White Matt finish creates a sleek and contemporary aesthetic while the ceramic Zaha Stone countertop and doors ensure durability to the overall design, making this kitchen a true statement of refined taste.

Blanco Zaha

A wine cooler area, where you can showcase and preserve your finest collection of wines, creates a seamless integration of entertainment and culinary artistry.

Wine cooler area

Located in Baabdet, this kitchen exemplifies the art of sophistication and refinement. Its sleek lines, materials, and functional design makes Blanco Zaha Stone a centerpiece.

Blanco Zaha Stone

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