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Date : 2023

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Featuring hidden doors, natural views, and versatile spaces, it redefines your cooking experience.

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Rauvisio Crystal Nebbia

Rauvisio Noir Trench Coat

kitchen layout


AK Kitchen prioritizes convenience with a hidden door, integrated with tall units. This addition ensures easy access to the laundry area, keeping your kitchen space organized and efficient.

Kitchen design

Indulge in tranquil mornings and moments of relaxation with the coffee area strategically placed under a window, offering a natural view. This corner becomes a calming place to enjoy your favorite brew and unwind amidst nature.

asko hobs

The one-level island caters to multiple needs, providing ample space for cooking and serving.
Whether preparing delicious meals or hosting gatherings, this island adapts effortlessly to every culinary occasion.

Blanco sinks and taps

The kitchen materials, Rauvisio Noir Trench Coat and Rauvisio Crystal Nebbia, with their matte colors, adorn AK Kitchen with sophistication; beyond aesthetics, they guarantee durability and easy maintenance.

kitchen style

The tall units offer plentiful storage options, ensuring ample room for all the kitchen essentials and keeping your space clutter-free.

Kitchen tall units

The kitchen adheres to the golden triangle rule, positioning the cooktop and hood in front of the sink. This layout optimizes the kitchen’s workflow, making food preparation and tasks a breeze.

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