V-ZUG CombiSteamer V6000 45cm Platimum Mirror Glass

This top-level combi-steam oven features all the functions and a full range of automatic programs required for excellent cooking results.

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Standard width: 60 cm
Standard height: 45 cm
Front design: Platinum mirror glass
Controls: Touchscreen with CircleSlider
Panel height: 80 mm
Type of connection (1): 220-240 V~
Article no.: 2303200016
Premium Swiss Quality


Minimalist, elegant, timeless

Design that stands the test of time. The Excellence Line is characterised by a refined and streamlined design. The sleek lines and mirror glass front blend seamlessly into any kitchen thanks to different colour options. The handle is made from a single piece of aluminium, perfectly complementing the mirrored glass.

Next-level convenience

The CombiSteamer V6000 was developed to take convenience to the next level. The optional AutoDoor opens and closes automatically, making it a striking addition to handleless kitchens. An optional fixed water connection eliminates the need to refill the water tank, and excess water drains automatically. The steam in the cooking chamber can be conveniently reduced at any time and is automatically released at the end of each set cooking process.

Intelligent automated cooking

Free to operate the steamer manually at will, V-ZUG appliances also allow users to enter the type of food, the desired browning result as well as the finish time. Advanced sensors automatically detect the quantity and size of food and then select the modes and temperatures needed to prepare the perfect dish on time.

Easy-Cook: 250 dishes at the touch of a button

EasyCook assists in the automated making of over 250 dishes. Depending on the type of food, it suggests cooking options to achieve the desired result.

Vacuisine: Easy mastering sous-vide

Traditional water-bath method employed by chefs to achieve precise results – now replicated using steam only. No risk of over- or undercooking.

BakeOmatic: Automatic baking at its best

Using temperature and humidity sensors, the appliance detects food size and quantity and selects the right mode to deliver the perfect outcome.


Easy Cook
Hot air + Steaming
Hot air Eco program
Professional Baking
Switch to summer time
Integrated recipes
BakeOmatic with CCS
Hot air
Humid Hot air
Soft roasting
Plate warming
Integrated cleaning program
Food warming

Additional Information

Article no.: 2303200016
EAN code: 7630029459041
Product category: Steam cooker
Type: CS6T-23032
Standard width: 60 cm
Standard height: 45 cm
Front design: Platinum mirror glass
Handle: Platinum-design handle
Cooking space: Stainless steel
Drawer: Without appliance drawer

Display and Operation

Display: Full-colour graphic display, touchscreen
Controls: Touchscreen with CircleSlider
Number of languages in display: 16
Lighting: LED
Number of lights: 2
Temperature display: Target and current temperature

Steamer Features

Number of insertion levels: 4
Easy door cleaning: by disassembling the door
Time of day display: Yes
SoftClose: Yes
SoftOpen: Yes
Statistical data: Yes
Automatic light when programme ends: Yes
Background images as display feature: Yes
Signal tone at target temperature: Yes
Residual heat usage: Yes
Cool door front: Yes
National cuisines for EasyCook: Yes
3-point food probe: Yes
Personalisation: Yes
Personal app order: Yes
Preheating delays timer function: Yes
Removable door: Yes
Filter nutritional behaviour for EasyCook: Yes
Premium Swiss Quality: Yes
Electronic Steam System (ESS): Yes
Panel height: 80 mm
Steaming accurate to the degree: Yes
Climate sensor: Yes
Combined operation: hot air/steam cooker
Number of storable programs: 50
Food probe: Yes
Cooking space volume: 48 l
EcoStandby: Yes
Temperature in steam mode (min.): 30 °C
Temperature in steam mode (max.): 100 °C
Max. temperature setting with forced convection/hot air: 230 °C

Service and Interface

Frequency range: 2,4 GHz
WLAN as standard: 802.11 b/g/n
Interface: WLAN and Bluetooth


Niche height: 450 mm
Max. niche height: 450 mm
Niche width: 560 mm
Max. niche width: 568 mm
Niche depth: 560 mm
Appliance height: 454 mm
Max. appliance height: 454 mm
Appliance width: 597 mm
Appliance depth: 569 mm
Depth of appliance when door is open: 339 mm
Empty weight: 34 kg


Output – standby off: 0.5 W
Output – standby on: 1 W
Consumption when off: 0.5 W
Automatic shut-off consumption with network switched on: 2 W
Light sources must be replaced by a professional: Yes
Light source regulations: Yes
Energy efficiency class: A++
Energy consumption – convection/hot air cooking: 0.46 kWh
Type of connection (1): 220-240 V~
Frequency (1): 50 Hz
Connected loads (1): 3.7 kW
Fuse protection (1): 16 A
Plug type: Schuko 16A
Connection cable: 1.8 m



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