Electrolux Built-in Washer Dryer 7/4kg PerfectCare 700

  • Electrolux 7/4kg PerfectCare 700 washer dryer
  • SensiCare weighs laundry to optimise settings
  • SteamCare reduces creases & saves water
  • A quiet washer and dryer for a calm & comfortable environment

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Your clothes, cleaned and dried in one go

Our PerfectCare 700 washer dryer cleans your clothes in one convenient dry-to-dry cycle. Its DualCare system detects the fabric type and load weight, then adjusts the temperature and drum movement to provide the utmost care for every item. Ensuring fabrics look and feel like new for longer.

The ideal cycle settings with DualCare

Our DualCare System automatically adjusts cycles to fabric types and load weights. So that clothes can be cared for at just the right temperatures with optimised drum movements. Washing then drying in one streamlined process. So that each item retains its look, feel and quality over time.

Customized cleaning with SensiCare

Our SensiCare System weighs each load and automatically adjusts the cycle, so that your clothes are cleaned for just the right amount of time. Preventing overwashing and ensuring items retain their look and feel for longer.

Fabrics, refreshed with SteamCare

Our SteamCare program restores your clothing with steam, reducing wrinkles and minimizing the need to iron. So that garments retain their shape and texture for longer. What’s more, our FreshScent system combines fragrance with gentle steam to refresh fabrics between washes.

Clean clothes quickly with the Non-Stop 60-Minute Program

Our Non-Stop 60-Minute Program washes and dries small loads in just one hour for an extremely fast and efficient cycle. So you can have your clothes effortlessly cleaned and cared for when you want them.

Enjoy a peaceful home with our quiet washer and dryer

Washer-dryers from Electrolux are designed to perform quietly. This means that you can run a cycle while maintaining a calm and comfortable environment.


Automatic drying
Accessory included for optimal use of liquid detergents
Anti-flood protection
Out-of-balance control of the drum load
Child lock
Washer Dryer
Washing capacity: 7 kg
Wool program that allows ‘wool’ labeled items to be washed by machine
Steam programs
Max spin speed: 1600 rpm
Drying by time
Feet: 4 adj. feet
Condense dryer: the water is condensed into a water container, no air evacuation is needed
Appliances HxWxD (mm): 820 x 596 x 544
Anti-foam rinse system
Drying capacity: 4kg
washer-dryer for fully integrated installation
Aqua Control safety


Machine Clean
Anti Allergy
Sport Wear
One GO 1h 1Kg
Cotton ECO


Washing capacity (kg) 7
Drying capacity (kg) 4
Net product weight (kg) 71.5

Electrical and energy

Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50
Energy class A
Connected Load 2000

Product Profile

Panel color White
Dryer Type Water condense
Motor system Permanent Magnet
Cord length (m) 1.5



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