ASKO Washing Machine White Style 12 kg

Front-loaded washing machine // White
Loading capacity: 12 kg
Dose Assist/Pro Wash/Steam/Auto Dose

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Dosing with precision Auto Dose.

With the Auto Dose system, the only thing you need to do is select the dirtiness of the load and then leave the rest of the decision-making to the clever algorithms that control the Auto Dose system. The Auto Dose system ensures that the
water and detergent are well mixed before reaching the clothes in the drum. This
eliminates the risk of spots on dark fabrics and improves overall washing performance. It also activates the detergent earlier in the process, which makes cleaning more effective even at lower temperatures.





Spinning without vibrations: Quattro Construction™ professional suspension system, Automatic dosing
of the correct amount of detergent: Auto Dose, Efficient washing and rinsing: Pro Wash system, Gentle
on fabrics, tough on stains: Active Drum™, Hygienic door without rubber bellow: Steel Seal™, Heavy
duty design: Cast-iron counterweight, Always the right amount of detergent: Dose Assist, Cleaning and
refreshing: Steam programs.


Quattro Construction™ antivibration build: 4 shock absorbers to increase stability and durability
Steel Seal™ anti-mold porthole without a rubber seal // Cast iron counterweights and cross piece
Stainless steel drum and tank // Rust-resistant galvanized steel body // Brushless induction motor
Quality test: 10,000 h, 225 cycles per year (20 years of domestic use)


Dose Assist measures the load weight and calculates the required amount of detergent
Automatic dosage // Automatic detergent compartment cleaning function
Pro Wash™ system for excellent washing results and optimal detergent dilution
Active Drum™ ensures a gentle and effective motion that preserves fabrics


Easy to read TFT Full color display
Large ergonomic knob in solid metal for easy navigation through the menu system
Favorite programs // Sound signal at the end of the program // Adjustable feet

26 Programs

Universal wash, Cotton, ECO 40-60°, Mix/synthetics, Wool/hand, Dark wash, Time program, Auto, Quick, Heavy, Easy care, Jeans, Shirts, Steam Refresh, Quick Pro, Hygiene, Sportswear, Conditioning, Stain program, Bedding, Allergy cotton, Allergy synthetics, Rinse, Spin, Drain, Drum cleaning

Program modes

6 modes: Normal mode, Green mode, Speed mode, Allergy mode, Night mode, Intense mode

Dose modes

Auto Dose tank A
Auto Dose tank B
Dose Assist


Temperature setting
Spin speed
Delayed start
Add to favorites
Super rinse
High water level


Child lock,
Set dose modes,
Language selection,
Temperature unit,
Water hardness,
Acoustic signals,
Drum illumination,
Display settings,
Set programs,


Aqua Block™ full protection against all leaks:
Control of water intake duration // Anti-overflow protection // Anti Block™ drain pump
Ultra-durable PEX water inlet hose, with a lifespan of approx. 50 years
Child safety/electronic strip lock // After-sale self-diagnostics


Appliance dimensions (H x L x W): 850 x 595 x 685* mm // Length of the power cable: 2300 mm
Length of the PEX intake tube / Locknut dimensions: 1500 mm / ¾” // Drainage tube length: 1600 mm

Technical data

Electrical connection: 2.2 kW / 220–240V / 50Hz / 10 A
Drum volume (litre): 80
Energy efficiency: B
Noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW): 72
Energy consumption/100 cycles (kWh): 62
Water consumption standard cycle (litre): 51
Max spin: 1400 rpm
Spin drying efficiency: B
Remaining moisture after a spin: 48 %
Loading capacity: 12 kg



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