ASKO Washing Machine Stainless Steel 8KG

It combines clean and honest Scandinavian design that can be nicely integrated into any environment and open-plan solutions.

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This is a model for beautiful integration in your perfectly designed laundry room. The professional construction includes details of the hygienic steel seal solution for the door, Active Drum, and Quattro Construction. Use specially designed and highly efficient allergy programs to wash away any mites and detergent residues that can irritate your skin.

Energy efficiency class: A
Washing capacity: 8 kg
Max spin speed: 1600 rpm
Number of programmes: 23
Installation: Freestanding
Range: Logic
Colour of the product: Stainless Steel


Steel seal

Rubber bellows degrade over time and trap dirt. Eliminating the rubber bellow ensures a hygienic wash and leakage free door. Thanks to the large Steel Seal™ opening it is also more accessible.

Quattro construction

The Quattro Construction™ consist of four shock absorbers which transfers drum vibrations to the bottom plate. The whole construction is fitted inside the casing which prevents vibrations further. Shockingly clever.

Active drum

With Active Drum ™ the hour-glass shaped, removable lifters and the slanted drum move the laundry to the drum centre to reduce fabric wear. Dirt is removed via bigger holes at the edge.


Steam helps you to freshen up your garments in no time and you do not need to use detergent or rinse aid. After 20 minutes of steam treatment in our Steam Refresh program, only a short drying time remains before you can use your reborn garment. Steam is a highly effective and gentle means to care for your shirts, jackets and trousers. You can steam both natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, and synthetics.

Dose assist

Start the Dose Assist function and stop worrying about using the right amount of detergent. Instead of struggling yourself, let the washing machine measure exactly the right detergent dose. Our washing machines with the Dose Assist function gives you the correct measure of detergent based on the wash load, dirtiness level, water hardness, program type and temperature. The perfect dose every time and no more overdosing.

Hygiene program

The Hygienic program is designed for fabrics that really need to get clean. Using high temperature, mechanical action and extra rinses and the 15-minute temperature hold to disinfect the fabric.

Quick pro program

The Quick Pro program is for those who think washing machines are too slow. Still high performing, the programme uses gentle tumbling and a lower spinning rate, finishing within an hour.

Super rinse

The Super rinse function adds two extra rinse cycles to the chosen program. This can be particularly helpful if you have sensitive skin and/or have soft water.

Allergy mode

To protect your well-being, the Allergy mode adds extra water, time and energy and washes your garments with extraordinary performance. No residues are left in the garments or the machine.

Anti crease

The Anti-Crease option tumbles the laundry gently with less wrinkles as a result. Be gentle to your clothes and save time on ironing.

Aqua safe system

Aqua Safe™, is an advanced water safety system encompassing both a sturdy construction like PEX hose and seam-welded stainless container as well as smart systems as anti-block drain pump, Aqua Detect sensor and stand-by water protection. Steel Seal™ – door sealing without rubber bellow Stainless steel inner and outer drum Water overfill protection Anti Block™ drain pump PEX inlet hose Maximum time for water intake

Auto program

The Auto program optimises washing time and number of rinses depending on load and which program you choose. Now you can wash smaller loads without feeling bad. Just activate the program.

Bedding program

The Bedding program uses extra rinse cycles to keep your linens, quilts, pillows and other large items clean and mites free. Just make sure to check the washing instructions first.

Brushless motor

ASKO washing machines have brushless motors to keep noise levels down even at the highest spinning speeds. The highly efficient long-life motors gives opportunities to develop new programs – matching every need.

Cast iron rear gable

We reinforce and stabilise our washing machines with a robust cast iron rear gable. This makes for sturdier, quieter operation and a longer life span.

Dark wash

The Dark wash special programs uses additional rinses, low mechanical action and low spin speeds so that no detergent stays on your dark favourite clothes.

Drum cleaning program

If you use the Drum cleaning program regularly it will maintain the freshness of the laundry and prolong the life of your washing machine. One button, two benefits.


The Universal program takes care of your day-to-day laundry by automatically adjusting water level and duration depending on the load. Because everyday should be the best day.

Green mode

Green mode saves both water and energy since each stage in the program is prolonged to reduce energy consumption. Perfect for everyone who care about saving both energy and water.

Heavy program

The Heavy program takes care of hefty spots and solid dirt. It uses high mechanical action and a thorough rinse procedure. Extra spins removes any dissolved dirt. Spotless in no time.

Kid safe

Keep your kids safe by locking the control panel. This prevents from accidently starting the machine. Better safe than sorry!

Mix/synthetic program

The Mix/Synthethic program for slightly soiled mixed fabrics and cotton is faster than the Everyday wash and the Standard cotton programs. It uses lower speed when spinning to reduce wrinkles.

Quick program

Use the Quick program for a quick pick up The program is limited to certain temperatures and is faster thanks to the lower temperature and lighter load.

Removable lifters

Keeping your appliances in good shape should be easy. All ASKO washing machines have easily removable lifters to make sure nothing gets stuck. Simple as that.


Use the Rinse program to pick up the freshness of your favourite garment. A thorough rinse followed by a short spin makes it brand new again.

Sensi save

The Sensi Save™ reduces the environmental footprint by calculating how much water and energy each load needs. The optimized washing cycle also saves your precious time. Making sense, right?

Shirts Program

The special Shirt program uses more water and repeated rinses to clean also the multi-layer parts of the shirts. It both looks nicer and feels nicer to wear.

Speed mode

When selecting Speed mode the washing machine will deliver perfect washing and rinsing results in less time than normal. To achieve this, both more water and more energy are added to the washing cycle.

Spin program

Use the Spin program to spin the water out of something to make it dry faster.


The Cotton program is the most efficient program for washing cotton. Tailormade for laundry with visible soiling and/or light stains, the programme will adjust water level and duration to the load.

Time program

Use the Time program to optimize a wash depending on how long time you have. A smart way to get clean clothes in a jiffy.

Wool hand program

The Hand and wool wash programs, delicate garments are washed in 40°C before it is shortly spun in low speed. We promise, your favourite wool sweater has never looked better.


Standard cotton
Easy Care
Wool/hand wash
Time program
Everyday wash

Special washing programs

Allergy program Cotton
Allergy program Synthetics
Eco 40–60
Quick Pro
Dark wash
Steam refresh

Special function

Drum cleaning

Additional options

Spin speed setting Adjustable
Settings High water level
Extra rinsing
Skip spin


Normal – No changes to the program
Green – Saves water and energy. Program time slightly longer
Allergy mode – Adds extra water and program time to ensure a well rinsed load
Speed mode – More water and energy used to ensure a clean laundry in shorter time
Intensive mode – Improved cleaning with more water and energy. Temperature is kept at high level for longer

Construction and performance

Quattro Construction™ – vibration-free spinning Yes
Door sealing Steel Seal™ – Hygienic sealing without rubber bellow
Outer drum Stainless Steel
Inner drum Stainless Steel
Counter weight material Cast iron
Active Drum™ – Ensure a gentle yet effective washing cycle Yes
Max +/- 1 °C temperature variation Yes
Drum size 60 l
Motor Long life and quiet brushless motor
Automatic dosing system No
Prepared for connection to external systems No

Use and flexibility

Easy Close door Yes
Stop flap for Liquid detergent Yes
Automatic detergent drawer cleaning No
Temperature range Cold – 90 °C
Door opening diameter 310 mm
Door maximum opening angle 110 °
Load Light™ – Illumination of the drum No
Dose assist Yes

Interaction and control

Delayed start 30 min to 24 hours
Remaining time indication Yes
Type of display LCD display
Transparent door cover/Double glass door Transparent door cover
Number of programmes 23
Create own program Yes

Design and integration

Easy mounting of ASKO dryer on top of the washers Yes
Loading type Front load
Adjustable feet 10 mm

Safety and maintenance

Removable lifters for easy maintenance Yes
Waterproof bottom plate with leakage detection Yes
Maximized water inlet time Yes
Extra durable and leakage safe PEX inlet hose Yes
Drain system Anti Block™ – Self-cleaning drain pump
Overflow protection Yes
Emergency door opening function Yes
Lockable control panel Yes
Unbalance detection – Protects the washer against harmful vibrations Yes
Draining capacity 20 l/min
Overheat protection For motor and electronics
Soaking system Pro Wash System – Perfect rinsing and washing also for bigger loads

Technical data

Spinning performance class A
Remaining moisture content 1/1 44 %
Remaining moisture content 1/2 44 %
Remaining moisture content 1/4 44 %
Heater power 2000 W
Water connection Size 3/4″ – Can be connected to cold water
Counterweight 10.4 kg
Noise level spinning dB(A) 76
Noise spinning class B
Energy consumption per cycle for the Eco program 40-60°C 0.471 kWh
Water consumption per cycle for the Eco program 40–60 °C 48 l
Power consumption in off-mode 0.3 W
Consumption in standby mode 0.3 W
Energy efficiency class A
Plug type Euro
Connected load 2200 W
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Number of phases 1
Fuse 10 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Net weight 75.5 kg
ISO 14001 certified manufacturing Yes


Width 595 mm
Height 850 mm
Depth 585 mm
Depth with door open 942 mm
Length of electrical cord 2100 mm
Length inlet hose 150 cm
Length outlet hose 160 cm

Logistic information

Packaging width 640 mm
Packaging height 920 mm
Packaging depth 661 mm
Gross weight 78.7 kg
Product code 741651
EAN code 3838782659102



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