ASKO Induction Hob 38cm

Model name: HID352GC
Size: 38 cm
Main color: Black ceramic glass
Connected load: 3680 W
Product dimensions (HXWXD): 4,7 × 38,4 × 52,2 cm

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Easy to clean surface

Since the induction hob is only heated underneath the pan and temperature adjustments are effective immediately, the danger of boiling or spilling over is minimal. Our induction hobs also withstand spills and are super easy to clean since the food does not stick to the surface. Just wipe it away.

Hob to Hood

Not only will your ASKO cooker hood switch on when you start cooking, it will have the capability to “read” what’s happening on the hob and change its own performance to suit. The cooker hood is, in effect, another part of the system – but one which is focused on cleanliness, and comfort, in the heart of your home

Auto Bridge

When using extra-large pots and pans, the Auto Bridge function in designated zones expands the induction cooking area and gives total coverage for bigger dishes, grill pans and teppanyaki.

Easy Dial 2.0

The Circular Slider control on the hob’s touch displays shows you what level you have the heat at, both graphically and numerically. You can either get a visual feel for how much heat you’re cooking with, or go by the number – either power level, or temperature.

Celsius Cooking Probe

Wouldn’t it be great to have a temperature probe that communicated directly with the hob you’re cooking on? That’s part of what Celsius°Cooking™ does. It will communicate with the system to track when a certain set temperature is reached or even just to let you know – instantly, in the hob’s display – the internal temperature of your steak.

Plus menu cooking

The PLUS menu allows cooking with semi-automatic programs, enabling temperature cooking for all kind of cookware that fit the purpose of the program. Grilling: exclusively for bridged cooking zones, that are combined to a larger cooking zone. Grilling is optimized for ASKO induction accessories grill plate and teppanyaki. Frying: With this function it’s possible to cook vegetable, fish, bacon, meat, fried potatoes or eggs by using butter or oil. Keeping warm and Heating up: With this function you can for example melt chocolate (45°C), keep food warm (70°C), simmer (94°C) or bring to boil (100°C).

Celsius cooking menu

The hob comes along with integrated Celsius°Cooking™ programs, optimized for Celsius°Cooking™ cookware. With this menu, three different cooking methods can be chosen, with different temperature ranges.Heating up and frying – This program is to reach high temperatures rapidly. High pan bottom temperatures can be reached.Boiling or cooking with water – This program is to reach higher water temperatures quick. Medium pan bottom temperatures can be reached.Slow cooking or sous vide – This program is to control low to medium temperatures, preventing from high bottom temperatures.

Guided cooking

Celsius°Cooking™ website, which is home to a large collection of inspirational step-by-step recipes, specially created for temperature precise cooking. The recipes come in the form of short films that guide home chefs through each step of the cooking process. The recipes are fun, inspiring and a great way to experience everything the Celsius°Cooking™ system from ASKO has to offer.

Construction and performance

Cooktop material: Glass – ceramic
Frame design: Without frame
Number of cooking zones: 2
PowerBoost function: Yes
Cooking zone front: Induction octa heater
Ø front (mm): 190X220
Cooking zone power front: 2300 W
2. cooking zone power front: 3700 W
Cooking zone behind: Induction octa heater
Cooking zone power behind: 2300 W
2. cooking zone power behind: 3700 W
Minimum pot size: 120 mm

Use and flexibility

Functions-induction hob: Grill / Boiling / Simmering / Move / Bridge / Auto heat / Autobridge
Pot detection: AutoDetect
Possible to control via Wi-Fi: Yes, integrated
ConnectLife: Yes

Design and integration

Edges: Stainless Steel side profiles
Min. niche width: 350 mm
Min. niche height: 43 mm
Depth (incl. wall spacing): 490 mm
Type of hob installation: Top-built installation

Safety and maintenance

Residual heat indicator


Celsius°Cooking™ Probe
Installation kit

Technical data

Connected load3680 W
Frequency50-60 Hz


Height: 47 mm
Width: 384 mm
Depth: 522 mm
Length of electrical cord: 1500 mm
Net weight: 7.9 kg

Logistic information

Packaging height: 220 mm
Packaging width: 460 mm
Packaging depth: 590 mm
Gross weight: 9.9 kg
Product code: 737834
EAN code: 3838782471223



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