ASKO Freestanding Fridge Freezer Black Steel

A stylish fridge/convertible freezer in black steel with a vertical handle and generous volumes of 510 l in the fridge and 212 l in the convertible freezer.

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ASKO freestanding fridgeThe No Frost freezing system eliminates the need for defrosting and saving energy. Adaptive Temperature Control™, Auto Humidity Control, and Multi-Zone Drawer ensure that food stays fresh for longer. You can store any food on any shelf thanks to the Cool Flow system, which distributes the cool air evenly throughout the entire refrigerator.


Energy efficiency class: C
Installation: Freestanding
Range: Premium
Color of the product: Soft Black


Convert zoneconvert zone

Life is unpredictable and sometimes you need more refrigerator space than usual. ASKO Convert Zone adds welcome flexibility by allowing you to convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator – quickly and conveniently. With the Convert Zone, you can set temperatures between -2 and +3, providing all the flexibility and temporary extra storage you need.

Stainless steel back wall

You shouldn’t have to compromise between style and hygiene. The stainless steel back wall with stainless steel trims is easy to clean and prevents the formation of harmful biofilms that carry bacteria and adversely affect freshness and taste. It also helps keep the fridge cool and adds a premium look.


With the Convert Slider, you can quickly adjust the temperature in the Multi-Zone drawer so that it either fits fruit & vegetables or meat & fish. Keep food fresh, for longer.

Adaptive temperature

Keep your food’s first-day freshness for longer. ASKO refrigerators automatically lower the temperature before periods of frequent use, avoiding temperature rises and keeping your food fresh for up to 20% longer.

Manual humidity

You can manually regulate the humidity lever by simply sliding the cap in an appropriate opening degree. Open the cap when storing a lot of fruit or vegetables and close it when there are just a few items in the drawer.

Wine bottle holder

The sturdy wire bottle holder can hold up to 13 kg and you can place bottles lengthwise or crosswise depending on the size of the bottle.


Protect the food in your fridge from strong-smelling cheese by storing it in the Multibox with its tight-fitting plastic cover. The lid can also be used as a convenient egg tray.

Interior light

All our refrigerators have energy-efficient LED lights that give you light in the smallest corner and make it easy to find what you need. LED lights do not get hot like halogen lamps, saving unnecessary energy for cooling.

Fast freeze

The Fast Freeze! function starts an intensive blow of cold air in the freezer. This is particularly useful when you have loaded the freezer with new, fresh food

Convertible freezer

The conversion function for the freezer is perfect to use at all times when you need to store more food and drinks than normal. In just a few hours, you turn your freezer into a refrigerator and have suddenly solved an important storage problem before your dinner party.

Cool flow function

Cool air distributed quickly and evenly is crucial for keeping your food fresh and tasting great. With the ASKO Cool Flow system, you can store your food on any shelf, the temperature will be rapidly restored to the right level whenever the refrigerator door is opened or closed.


No Frost system In the freezer and fridge
Super Freeze – Perfect after shopping for fast freezing of larger amounts of food
Fresh Air™ – Reduces odor and cleans the air in the fridge
Fan for even distribution of cooling: No

Use and flexibility

Total Fridge volume: 510 l
Total Freezer volume: 212 l
Capacity fridge drawers: 52 l
Storage of cheese and butter: 2 MultiBox container
Trays in refrigerator door: 6 door trays
Door bottle container: 2 single container with a fixed stopper
Big freezing box SpaceBox: 76 l.
Freezer compartment illumination: No
Fridge compartment illumination: LED strip on ceiling
Humidity regulation: Vegetable drawer with manual humidity regulation
Freezing compartment: 6 drawers
Number of glass shelves in fridge compartment: 10 pcs
Number of removable shelves: 6 pcs
Freezing capacity in 24 hours: 26 kg
Power cut safe time: 9 h
Convertible zones: Multi-zone drawer with converting slider (fresh food or chilling)
ConvertActive: Convert freezer into a refrigerator

Interaction and control

Adaptive Temperature Control – saves both energy and food Yes
Temperature indicator: SensoTech Switch

Design and integration

Support feet 4 wheels, 4 adjustable feet
Door hinge placement: right or left

Safety and maintenance

Alarm open door
Alarm high-temperature: Sound alarm and white light

Technical data

Noise level (max) 35 dB(A)
Climate classes: Subtropic/Tropic/Subnormal/Normal
Type of refrigerant R600A
Star rating: Fresh food/Variable temperature compartment/Chilling
Energy efficiency class C
Annual energy consumption (Aec) 330 kWh
Connected load 220 W
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Fuse 0,9
Frequency 50 Hz


Height 2003 mm
Width 1200 mm
Depth 663 mm
Length of electrical cord 1900 mm



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