ASKO Elements Coffee Machine Pearl Black Glass 45cm

Model name CM8478G
Product group Coffee Machine
Installation Built-in
Range Elements

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ASKO coffee machine

With the CM8478G, your perfect coffee is just a tap away. With a unique interaction and control philosophy based on a TFT touch interface, you get your coffee done exactly the way you want it.

The interface consists of over 50 different programs, options, and settings. For example customizable beverage size, language selection, automatic rinsing, hot water setting, and descaling program. All the daily-use components are easily detachable and very easy to clean. No solvents are needed to wash the machine, and even the descaling operation requires a simple natural descale instead of the usual dangerous chemical tablets.


Perfect milk froth

The perfect milk froth is created by microbubbles. The ASKO Elements coffee machine has a milk froth generator that helps design your favorite coffee drink.

Thermal milk container

ASKO thermal container keeps the milk refrigerated for 60 minutes. When not in use, it fits perfectly into your fridge. The Advanced Milk Froth Generator is conveniently placed in the lid.

Auto-clean system for milk container

When turning the dial to Clean, hot water and steam will automatically clean the inner parts, including the Milk Froth Generator in the milk container lid.

An adjustable outlet for cups

The adjustable cup holder helps keep your kitchen nice and clean, even during coffee brewing. When tightly placed, no splashing will occur.

4 LED lights

LED lights illuminate the cup stand of the ASKO Elements Coffee Machines. The lights are adjustable in pairs to create suitable lighting.

Hot milk

ASKO coffee machines heat and froth to create that perfect, snow-white milk froth for your coffee, hot chocolate or chai latte.

Hot water

ASKO Coffee machines are equipped with a water tank and heater that can produce roughly 150 ml water at 90°C at a blink. Perfect for a nice cup of tea.

Construction and performance

Milk container capacity: 500 ml
Two separate heating systems – one for coffee and one for hot water/steam: Yes
Removable water tank: Yes
Water container capacity: 2.4 l
Drip tray with level indicator: 1 l
Container for pre-ground coffee: Yes
Milk container material: Stainless steel
Water filter: No
Hot water tap: Yes
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Heating power brewing: 1200 W

Use and flexibility

Adjustable grinding levels: Yes, 13 levels
Adjustable nozzle for adjusting to different cup sizes: Yes
Easy gliding telescopic slides for easy filling of coffee: Yes
Pre-brewing to attract more flavours from the coffee: Yes
Number of cups at the same time: 1
Adjustable temperature for coffee, water, and steam: Yes
Temperature setting levels: 4
Illumination: LED
Number of lamps: 4

Interaction and control

Touch keys
Colour of display: Graphic touch display
Available languages in control unit: DA, DE, EN, ES, FI, FR, HR, IT, KK, NL, NO, RU, SL, SR, SV
Indicated messages: Cleaning, Empty coffee container: true, Descaling, Full dip tray, Empty water reservoir
Progress indicator: LCD (TFT colour)
Timer function


Cappuccino function: Yes
Hot milk function: Yes
Tea brewing function: Yes
Coffee types: Espresso /Double espresso /Latte macchiato /Hot water /Single coffee /Single long /Cappuccino /Cappuccino+ /Espresso macchiato /Caffe latte /Hot milk
Six personal user profiles: Yes

Design and integration

Min. niche height: 450 mm
Min. niche width: 560 mm
Depth (incl. wall spacing): 465 mm

Safety and maintenance

Descaling program: Yes
Cleaning program for milk container: Yes
The brewing unit is removable and easy to clean: Yes

Technical data

Connected load: 1350 W
Voltage (V): 220-240 V
Fuse: 7.2
Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz


Width: 597 mm
Height: 456 mm
Depth: 470 mm
Length of electrical cord: 1700 mm
Net weight: 24.2 kg

Logistic information

Product code: 736551
EAN code: 3838782009716



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