ASKO Dishwasher Freestanding Stainless Steel 82cm

Start building your beautiful kitchen with this powerful and feature-rich dishwasher in stainless steel color

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20 years

Today, sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. So when we design our products, it is our responsibility to not only make products that last, but also make things better – for our customers and for the planet. Designed to make a difference. And built to be enjoyed for the next 20 years






SCS- Super cleaning system

Rinse the dishes. Clean the interior, including the filter. Choose the best program. How many steps is that? One – and we call it the Super Cleaning System – or our best invention.

8 steel

No other material lasts as long as steel. And no other dishwashers have as many details made from steel instead of plastic as ASKO dishwashers. In fact, eight of the most important components in our dishwashers are made of high-quality steel rather than plastic: the container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet, and inner door. By using more steel and less plastic, we make our machines last longer.

Aqua safe system

Aqua Safe™, is an advanced water safety system encompassing both a sturdy construction like a PEX hose and seam-welded stainless container as well as smart systems such as an anti-block drain pump, Aqua Detect sensor, and stand-by water protection. Few sealing points outside the container Seem-welded container in stainless steel Waterproof external base Exterior Float Aqua Detect™ Sensor Stand by water protection PEX inlet hose Maximum time for water intake Light and sound alarm Anti-block drain pump Safety Inlet Valve


ASKO Flexiracks™ from sturdy, nylon-coated steel and are easily adjustable in different heights depending on which type of load you have.

XL dishwashers

Our XL dishwashers have a loading height of 54 cm. Combined with the smart four-level rack system the load is 40% more, with countless possibilities to make it all fit in.


The Hygiene program washes and rinses at 70°C and is perfect for baby bottles, cutting boards, and jars for your homemade marmalade.

Time program

When you need clean plates in a hurry, just tell the machine how dirty the dishes are and how much time you have. The program then adjusts washing and rinsing to match your needs.


Use it when you want to save water and energy. For normally soiled loads, such as plates, serving dishes, cups, glasses, and so on.

Brushless motor

A brushless motor is not only quieter and more reliable. It also consumes less energy. You want your dishwasher to work forever. So do we.

Top cutlery tray

The divisible and removable top tray for cutlery is only 325 mm wide, leaving plenty of space for tall wine glasses in the upper rack which also can be adjusted in height.

Speed mode

When you need to get things cleaned in a hurry, the Speed mode is useful. It saves up to 50% of the normal time, by using more water and increased heating.

Night mode

Night mode reduces the noise by 2 dB thanks to lower pressure in the spray arm. Perfect at night or in a house with an open-plan living area.

Quick wash

The Quick Wash program washes lightly soiled glasses, decanters, coffee cups, etc. efficiently and leaves your kitchenware as spotless as you want them to be.


ASKO’s Auto program with the SensiClean™ sensor ensures the right temperature, washing cycle and drying regardless of what you have put in the machine. Every time.

Rinse and hold

The Rinse and hold program allows for you to avoid dried leftovers while you wait for the dishwasher to get fully loaded. Saves time and energy over time.

Aqua level sensor

The Aqua Level™ Sensor ensures the exact amount of water. For example, if a plastic bowl turns over and is filled with water, the sensor automatically adds extra water to the process for a premium cleaning result.

Aqua detect sensor

The Aqua Detect™ Sensor monitors the inlet valves and the water level while the machine operates. For safety reasons, the drain pump’s capacity is five times the inlet valve’s.

Turbo drying

The Turbo Drying™ system mixes dry air from outside the machine with the moist air inside. This feature also is available for fully integrated machines. We promise you’ll be a great fan.

Power zone cutlery

Power Zone Cutlery™ is a special nozzle spray zone for the cutlery basket that will make your cutlery dazzling clean. And, there is a similar nozzle for the knife basket.

Kid safe

To stop small fingers from starting the dishwasher the Kid Safe™ makes the control panel easy to lock. This also prevents altering any settings by mistake.


For our fully integrated dishwashers, the Anti-siphon solution safely keeps the water inside the machine. This is especially important if the dishwasher is placed above floor level.

Jet spray

Our JetSpray™ nozzle for tall, narrow objects like baby bottles, vases, and bottles is combined with a special holder that makes sure that the cleaning result is perfect.

Wide spray

WideSpray™ creates a high-pressure jet spray in combination with a wide spraying nozzle. The pots and pans become clean and you get time to widen your scope.

Instant lift

Our InstantLift™ height adjustment system allows for free-up between 40 and 58 mm in the upper basket. A simple and flexible way to make room for it all.

9 spray

ASKO’s spray system consists of up to 9 effective spray zones to ensure a totally clean load. In the lower rack there are three power zones to take care of the dirtiest parts.

3 level basket

ASKO’s three-level rack system allows you to optimize the load. Remove, adjust, fold and move the racks, pin rows, and cutlery basket to meet your every need.

Telescopic rails

ASKO uses telescopic guide rails with ball bearings to make the racks glide smoothly and quietly. For easy loading and unloading, you can also take out the whole rack.

3 spray arm

The 3 spray-arm technique reaches every corner and with up to 10 highly effective spray zones, no dirt can escape. Not even your lasagne baking dish.

Touch proof

The ultra-thin, transparent TouchProof™ coating protects your dishwasher stains and grease Easy to clean, scratch resistant it will keep your dishwasher looking brand new year after year.

14 loading capacity

Inspired by everyday life. Our goal is that our products should make your everyday life simpler. That is why we have worked so hard through the years to develop the market’s largest and most flexible basket systems. This time, we have been especially careful to first find out what people really put in their dishwashers. We then translated our newly acquired knowledge to a range of unique, innovative, and practical basket solutions.

Pop-out door

When a program is completed, the Door Pop-Out function opens the dishwasher door automatically to remove the steam inside.


Construction and performance

Extra durable stainless steel container.
Aqua Detect™ – Instant recognition of any leakage in the motor compartment.
Stand-by water protection – Leakage detection when the machine is off.
Anti Block™ – Self-cleaning drain pump.
8 Steel™ – Vital parts of the dishwasher are made in stainless steel.
Hidden heater
No need to rinse the dishes thanks to Super Cleaning System™
Sensi Clean™ Sensor – measures dirtiness level
Automatic water softener for better washing performance
Number of spray arms: 3
Number of spray zones: 9
Jet Spray™ – Extra dishwashing power for vases, bottles, and baby bottles.
Wide Spray™ – Extra dishwashing power for pots and pans
Total Dry – automatic door opening
Cutlery Spray™ – Extra dishwashing power for the cutlery basket

Use and flexibility

Number of place settings (label): 14 place settings
Number of baskets: 3
Top tray: Easy height adjustment; Dividable and removable baskets in the top rack; With rack for knives and utensils; With rack for bowls and cups; With telescopic rails; Handle
Upper basket type: Premium – Basket wiring in steel, fixed pin rows, and foldable wine shelves.
Upper basket height adjustable: Yes
Guide rails with ball bearings
Lower basket type: Premium – Basket wiring in steel, fixed pin rows, and removable cutlery basket.
Small distance between the basket threads – makes loading easy and prevents small items to fall through.
Removable cutlery basket for easy loading and unloading
Required inlet water pressure: 0,03-1 MPa

Interaction and control

Type of display: LCD display
Ability to create own programmes: Memory programme
Number of programs: 7
Number of options: 7
Time remaining indicator: Front display
Wash end indication: Displayed with sound and light


7 programmes: Auto; Quick; Intensive; Eco; Hygiene; Time program; Rinse & hold
Delayed start: Possible to delay up to 24 hours
Time set
Speed mode – The program time is shortened. More energy is used.
Night mode – Lower noise level. The program time is extended.
Extra dry – Improves the drying result
High temperature – For extra dirty dishes
Super Rinse™ – Two extra rinses.

Technical data

Water connection Size 3/4″ – Can be connected to hot and cold water
Max. temperature of incoming water: 70 °C
Noise level: 42 dB(A)re 1 pW
Reference program: 1
Duration of label wash cycle: 270 min
Estimated annual energy consumption: 237 kWh
Energy consumption – normal program: 0,83 kWh
Estimated annual water consumption: 2772 l
Water consumption – label program: 9,9 l
Energy consumption in off mode: 0,49 W
Energy consumption in standby mode: 0,49 W
Energy class: A+++
Plug type: Euro
Connected load: 1900 W
Voltage (V): 220-240 V
Number of phases: 1
Fuse: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Required inlet water pressure: 0,03-1 MPa
Net weight: 70 kg


HxWxD: 861/600/596 mm

EAN code: 3838782303142



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