Combair Steamer Cleaning V-ZUG Oven

Cleaning the V-ZUG Combair Steamer Oven

The minimalist design of the Excellence Line has more than just aesthetic appeal and ergonomics in mind – it is also made for effortless cleaning. 

The appliance door of all of our ovens can be removed to make cleaning simple. If the appliance is particularly dirty, the glass can even be removed once the door has been taken off and carefully cleaned. 

The easy process of removing the door and support grates also provides unimpeded access to the interior space of the appliances. The bottom heat of all our ovens is located underneath the base of the cooking space, which makes cleaning significantly easier.

  1. Heavy soiling: Heavy soiling can be handled with intensive cleaning. This requires the combair cooker to be cool and empty with the lateral wire shelves removed. The automatic cleaning process then starts. Steam softens and dissolves the dirt before any conventional oven cleaner is sprayed into the area set a timer for the cleaner to dissolve the soil, after which you can wipe the cooking space clean with a cloth or a sponge and clean water. However, do not use scouring agents as they will damage the surface. Any remaining residues are removed by steam cleaning at the end. After short airing, the appliance will be shining clean and ready for use again.
    To finish, we recommend starting the steam cleaning program, in which the steam ensures that any remaining residue from the cleaning agent is completely removed.
  2. Light soiling: For light soiling, the process is even easier. First, make sure the combair is cool and empty, then select steam cleaning in the app, and the residues will be dissolved with steam. Air it out, and you are all done. 

This how-to video applies to the following appliances: 

  • Combair V4000
  • Combair V6000
  • CombiSteamer V4000
  • CombiSteamer V6000
  • CombairSteamer V6000
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